The Greatest Story Ever Told About
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

Not reading the Book of Revelation is like reading a suspense novel and stopping before the last
chapter.   Or like leaving a play before the last scene.  There is always something missing.  The Book
of Revelation is a completion of the entire Bible.  It all comes together in the final act.  And the love,
mercy, judgment, fairness, and justice of God is revealed.  God purges heaven and earth for both
have been defiled.  He brings swift justice for the righteous and swift punishment and destruction to
the ungodly.  And the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation are all fullfilled.  And, it’s an absolutely
fantastic story from beginning to end.

I did not copy anyone’s work or even use it as reference to do this study.  I learned it by revelation
from God as I read and studied his Word.  He showed me a little bit at first and as I expressed an
insatiable appetite to learn more, he showed me more.  I prayed to God many times “Please do not let
me teach anything that is not right for I don’t want to be more harshly judged.  If I don’t understand
something, please stop me immediately and show me what is right.”  And I truly believe that he did
this.    I pray that it blesses you as much as it has blessed me.

The Book of Revelation is not difficult to understand if one applies some basic principles.  Firstly,
when an interpretation is needed, it is given.   If it is not given, then we are to take it as it was written.  
God has confirmed that what John said he saw is exactly what he saw.  However, some things we still
don’t understand because their time has not yet come.  When it does, we will understand such as the
creatures that come out of the Abyss.  We have no way of knowing what they are until they come out.  
For born again Christians it is only necessary to understand chapters 1 to 7 because after that we are
out of here.  But we should understand the entire book so we can use it to witness to the unbelievers
what will happen during that time.  

Another principle is to do what Jesus said in Matthew 24, watch for the signs and you will know the
time is near.  We need to know what is happening in the world, and we are not going to get the full
story on tv.  We need to search out that information on the internet while we still can.   There are
many very smart people who follow this and know what is going on.  We need to read many websites
daily to see how world events are being confirmed by Bible Prophecy.  For example, the third
horseman announces that it will take a days wages to buy a few loafs of bread.  Fifty years ago we
would have never believed this would be possible because we lived in a very affluent society.  Today,
however it is common knowledge that almost all countries, states, governments, and people are in
debt which they can’t pay back and the whole world is on the verge of economic meltdown, so we can
see that this sign is an indication that the third horseman is near.

We need to take the Book of Revelation literally wherever possible.  If we don’t we will run into
trouble assuming that it means something else other than what is written.  The Bible says that those
who teach will be more strictly  judged.  Here is what can happen if we don’t take it as it was written.   
Let’s say that I read that a beast came out of the sea.   And I begin to teach that the beast represents a
certain country and the sea represents a group of people.  When I stand before God, he will say to
me…”Why did you teach that”?   And I will have to give an explanation as to why I though that’s what
it meant and he will say “Why didn’t you believe what I wrote”?   And I will have no answer.   But….if I
teach what was written, and he asks me why, I will say because that is what you wrote.   So it’s an
issue of whether we believe God or not.

The Bible gives us clues here and there and it's up to us to put those clues together.  Many things are
"hidden in plain sight" and we need to unlock the mysteries to get a deeper understanding.  This is
why I have always preferred topical studies.  If I want to know what the Bible teaches about money, I
would look up all the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation on money and when I am done, I know
what the Bible teaches about money.   Too many times we hear doctrines that are established on one
scripture.  Such as in Revelation where a voice said to John "Come up here..."  Some say that this
must be the rapture of the church.  Or that unbelievers will burn in hell forever.   Or that we are to
repent of our sins.   Looking up All the scriptures on any of these topics will paint the true picture and
we won't teach things that are not in the Bible.

The Book of Revelation is written in Sequence.  There are 7 seals, 7 trumpets, and 7 vials and other
events happening in between these judgments.  Therefore, one cannot take something that happened
in the world today and apply a scripture from Chapter 19 to it.   That hasn’t happened yet.  The
judgments will happen in order, one to seven.  So as we see world events happen that coincide with
the judgments, we can tell what is coming next.  And a specific timeline is given at the halfway point.   
The two witnesses are here for 3 ½ years and the antichrist is given authority to rule the world for 3 ½
years.   From that we can know approximately when Jesus will return.  No one knows when the
Tribulation will start.  Even Jesus said “about that day an hour no one knows…only the Father”.   And
he is right.  No one knows what day or hour the Tribulation will start, but we know that it will start at
the 6th seal when there is a great earthquake.

There are no countries named in the Book of Revelation and there are no nationalities named either.  
Nor is Israel or the USA or the Jews or the Gentiles.   Only nations, tribes, languages and people are
mentioned because the judgments apply to everyone and throughout the whole world.

There are many Old Testament Prophecies regarding the Last Days and End Times, but they do not
contradict the Book of Revelation.   Even though some of them are not mentioned in the Book of
Revelation, they can still happen between the judgments.  There are 21 judgments.  Seven happen
before the Tribulation begins, and 14 happen over the next 7 years.   Which is about two a year, so
there is plenty of time between judgments.

For example, there are two major wars predicted in the Old Testament that have not happened yet.   
One is the Psalm 83 war and the other is the Ezekiel 38 & 39 God and Magog war.  There are also two
wars predicted in the Book of Revelation.   One happens at the 4th seal and the other at the 6th
trumpet.  These could be those wars.

God Bless You All, and I Will See You on The Other Side Very Soon.
John Stewart