The Greatest Story Ever Told About
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
Did We Miss The Shemitah, Were We
Duped, or Is It Still Coming.
There has been so much hype over the shemitah the past few months that even Wall Street and
stock traders wanted in on this new found sure bet money maker.  But the shemitah came and went
and nothing happened.  So what did happen?   Did we completely miss it or were we duped big
time.  Here’s how I see it.

Several years ago the Tavistock Institute ago found that 87% of the people simply believe what they
are told and only 13% ever take the time to check it out.  Maybe we trust too much, or maybe we’re
just too busy.  Whatever the reason, we have come to believe credible sounding sources as being
correct.  Why should we duplicate their research.  So when Johnathan Cahn wrote the Mystery of
the Shemitah, we believed him.  And it caught on like wildfire.  It was something new, and he
showed us what happened in 2001 and 2008 in the stock market, so we believed that 2015 was going
to follow the same pattern.  It sounded believable and it sold a lot of books.  So what happened?

Further research, after the fact, shows that no one follows the 7 year cycles anymore, not even the
Jews, and they have completely lost track of which year is which.  This does not mean that the 7
year cycles are not in effect anymore, it only means that no one really knows which year is the
shemitah and which year of the cycle we are currently in.  There has been studies done on the
stock market and they have shown no consistent shemitah pattern.  Besides, why should the US or
any other stock market for that matter be affected by the shemitah or 7 year cycle when this was
originally given to the Jews.

The purpose of the 7 year cycles and the Year of Jubilee which was the 50th year was a way of
balancing the economy.  All loans were to be for a period of no longer than 7 years.  Because on the
7th year, the loan was written off.   This way no one could get too rich or too poor.  If you really lost
everything, then once in your lifetime, on the Year of Jubilee, you got your property back.  This is
outlined in Leviticus 25 and Deuteronomy 15.  In fact, the Jews were taken captive to Babylon for 70
years because they did not give the land a rest every 7 years and owed God 70 years of Sabbaths.  
So whether the Jews kept it or not was not what determined whether the cycles continued.  

I must admit, that even I got caught up in this hype.  Because if we could identify which year was
the shemitah then we could know where in the 7 year cycles we were.  Because the Tribulation is
also a 7 year cycle, we could know that it had to start at the beginning of a 7 year cycle as it could
not interrupt another 7 year cycle.  By putting this together with the Feasts of the Lord, we could
then see that once every 7 years when the Feast of Trumpets and the beginning of a new 7 year
cycle were on the same day, then we could say that this is a most probable date that the Tribulation
could start.  But…we have to get the shemitah year right to be able to do that.  And now we know
that 2015 was not a shemitah year…. or do we?   Just because nothing happened in the stock
market on Elul 29 which was a Sunday anyway, does not necessarily mean that we missed it.  If in
fact 2015 was a shemitah year, then we will find out over the next few weeks and months.  It does
not mean that fire has to fall from heaven the very first day.

I agree with Johnathan Cahn that America is under judgment, that we need to repent, that we need
to get right with God, and so on.  But much of this is based on our own actions.  Yes, we have turned
our back on God, and yes we have become financially irresponsible, and we will pay the price for
that.  I also feel badly for those that tried to make financial gain from this hype and instead lost
money.  It was a real eye opener and a learning curve for many.  So what are we left with?

As Jesus said… watch and be ready for you do not know on what day the Lord will come.