The Greatest Story Ever Told About
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
Prophecy Confirms We are On the
Verge of an Alien Invasion
Very soon now we are going to have an Alien Invasion. They will come to live among us    We have
been prepped for this for several years with movies, books, comics, and the like. It’s something that
has always fascinated mankind.  But will they be friendly?

End times prophecy talks about a war in the cosmos in which the dragon and his angels fight
against Michael and his angels.  But they cannot overpower them so they lose their place in the
heavens and are cast down to the earth.  That is what will happen in the cosmos, but to us on earth
it will be an Alien Invasion.  These angelic beings are much more powerful and intelligent than
mankind.  They can do all sorts of signs and wonders even causing fire to come down from heaven.  
They also are eternal beings so they can’t be killed.  One of them (the antichrist) has a fatal wound
on one of his heads which is healed.   If you or I had a fatal wound we would die, but they don’t, and
this is why the people say “Who is like the beast, who can make war against him?”  The whole
world is astonished and follows the beast.

They immediately set up a one world government, a one world religion, and a one world monetary
system.   The dragon gives the first beast (the antichrist) power and authority over all the people on
the earth.   This is the one world government; actually a dictatorship.  The second beast (the false
prophet) sets up an image of the antichrist and forces everyone to worship this image.  This is the
one world religion.   And he causes everyone to take a mark on their palm or forehead so that no
one can buy or sell without the mark.  This is the one world monetary system.   And if anyone does
not comply they are to be killed.  

Prophecy is not clear on how many of them there will be, but from some references to angels, there
could be several million of them.  They will probably tell the people some kind of story about our
past and their involvement in it.  And that they have come to guide us further.  But they have not
come in peace, they have come to Deceive and Enslave us.  Because they are more powerful, we
will not stand a chance against them and will have to do as they say.  Remember, they can’t be
killed, they are eternal beings.  The good news is that they will only rule for 3 ½ years before Jesus
returns and defeats them and their army at the battle or Armageddon.  But it’s those 3 ½ years that
will be hell on earth.

So, Yes, the Aliens are coming, but they are not coming to help us or make our lives better.  Jesus
said “The thief (the devil) comes to kill, steal, and destroy, but I have come to give you life
abundantly”.  So all of mankind has to choose who they will follow, the aliens, or Jesus.   If you
chose Jesus, Now, before it’s too late, then you can be spared having to live under the aliens.  If
not, then you will have to live under their rulership and you may be forced to join their army to fight
Jesus at Armageddon, and you will be killed there because prophecy states that the entire army will
be destroyed.