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Don’t Pray for America
This may sound ludicrous but it’s true.  There is a vey good reason why we should not pray for
America even though America could sure use a lot of prayer right now.  The way things are going
it seems like only a miracle from God would be able to turn things around and bring us back to the
kind of life we used to have in America, where there was still a bright future for everyone.  Can
you really believe how crazy things have become?

The reason we should NOT pray for America is because if we do, we would be praying AGAINST
what God is doing and is going to do.  Don’t you realize we are living in the Last Days.  Just like
it’s outlined in the Book of Revelation.  Everything is set and we can’t change it.  It has to happen
because Satan needs to have his 3 ½ years running the earth along with the Antichrist and all
those people that he has deceived.  And the 7 year Tribulation has to happen to give everyone a
chance to choose who they will serve.  That’s what this is all about.  It was all planned and written
down over 2000 years ago.  We are now living it in real time.

So do you think for one minute that you can change it?   Do you think your prayers will over rule
the Word of God?  Do you think God will re-write the Bible because we prayed, or that He will
repent or postpone it?  Absolutely not, it’s too late for that.  Mankind has had their time, and now
it’s God’s turn.   Just like when you go to school, you work hard all year, and then come the final
exams.   There is no way out of it, you have to write them and that will decide your future.   It’s
exactly how things are in life right now.  We are at the end of our term, and we will all have to
make our final choice, whether we will serve God or not serve God.

If you want to pray, what we should be praying for is that Jesus would come quickly and
straighten out this crazy world.  It’s badly broken and needs a complete revamp with Jesus at the
helm.  And this is exactly what is going to happen when he comes.   And we should also pray that
those that don’t know Jesus would turn to him before he comes.  This is what we should be
praying for, then we would be praying WITH God and not against Him.