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Why We Will Never Defeat ISIS
The reason ISIS is so dangerous is because they cannot loose.  If they win, they establish a Muslim
Caliphate.   If they are killed doing so, they go to Paradise and are greatly rewarded for their
efforts.  How can this not be attractive to a young impressionable Muslim who feels that this is his
chance to “make a difference”.   Their entire goal is to please Allah and do his bidding.  And they
are willing to die for that cause and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.  Suicide mission,
no problem.   Kill infidels, no problem.  Behead the enemy, no problem.  Die for your cause, no

Thousands of young Muslims are going to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS, (now called IS).  Their army is
well funded, well supplied, and they have many experienced fighters and war planners in their
ranks.  They are not just a rag tag army, they are very well organized.  Using their tactics of fear
and intimidation, they strike terror in the hearts of even the bravest soldiers who flee when they
see them coming.  And they won’t quit, they will fight unto death.

Of course they could be defeated, but by whom?  Who is willing to step in and stop them NOW
before they cause more atrocities?  Has not their horrific acts of barbarism been enough for the
world to demand that they be stopped immediately.  Should not the UN demand an immediate stop
to their actions?   Should not the USA organize a coalition to put a stop to them or do it
themselves?  Why should Obama say it will take “several weeks” to work out a solution.   Does he
really think that negotiation is the best way to go here?   Wake up dude.

Once we understand the ideology behind this we can see that there is only one way to win this
war.  We must either completely annihilate them or isolate and contain them somewhere.  But this
is impossible.  When one goes down, there is another to take his place.  The belief that they can
really pull it off this time is becoming very real to them.  And they are fighting for the same cause:  
To Establish A Muslim Caliphate Throughout the World.   Negotiating will not work.  What could we
negotiate for?  Can we pay them out, give them Iraq and Syria?  Will they settle for that?  Of
course not.  They can taste victory and will either achieve it or die trying.

This is what I hope our leaders can understand.   They Don’t Want Our Lifestyle!  Our leaders didn’t
understand it in Afghanistan, or in Iraq, or in Syria, or in Lybia, or anywhere else they stirred up
trouble.  And it looks like they will have to find out the hard way with ISIS, but I don’t think they
will.  I know ISIS will be defeated, but not by us.