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Warning: False Bible Teachers are All Over
the Internet. How You Can Spot Them.
I usually don’t like to speak against my brothers and sisters in Christ, but it’s gotten so out of hand
that I have to start doing so.  There are just too many of them that simply don’t have an
understanding of the Bible, but talk as if they do.   They even go so far as to call other Bible
teachers liars.  This is not right or good, and only leads to confusion for those that are looking for
the truth.  Who do you believe anymore?

This is nothing new, even the Bible authors warned against false teachers that infiltrate the church
and lead people astray.   And the internet is full of them.  Here’s how to spot them.

1.  Most of these false teachers don’t base their beliefs or teachings on the Bible.   They base them
on a video, a movie, a book, or a dream or vision.  When they write an article or make a video, they
seldom use scripture to back up what they say.   They go by what someone else said, or what they
heard or saw somewhere.  They don’t have a clue what the Bible says about what they are saying,
and they don’t care.

2.  If they do use scriptures they will use ONE scripture to back up what they are saying or on
which to form a doctrine.   They never look up several scriptures that talk about the same thing to
see if they all fit, they just take one and twist it out of context.

3.  They create interpretations out of scripture instead of simply believing what was written.   As if
God needs to be corrected.

4.  They take scriptures (especially out of Revelation) that are written for a time in the future and
apply it to something that has happened today in the news.   You can’t take something out of
Revelation Chapter 19 and apply it to today’s news.   That hasn’t happened yet.

5.  They add and subtract from the Word of God even though the Bible strictly warns us not to do

6.  They mostly talk about “their opinions” instead of what the Bible actually says.   They will take
one or two Bible verses and write a whole story about their opinion about it instead of trying to
understand what God wants to teach us.

Let me be more specific.  Here are some totally False Doctrines that have come out of these

1.  Unbelievers will burn in Hell forever.   This is totally false.  There is only one group of
unbelievers that burn in hell forever and that’s those in Matthew 25 and there is a reason for it.   
The rest are cast into the lake of fire where they perish just like John 3:16 says.

2.  When believers die, they immediately go into the presence of God.   The Bible does not teach
this.   The Bible teaches that upon death we sleep until the resurrection.  But they use near death
experience videos to offer “proof” that this is how it happens, it doesn’t matter what the Bible says.

3.  They teach that we are to repent of our sins.   The Bible does not teach this.  You will not find
one scripture that says that we are to repent of our sins.  Jesus would never ask us to do
something that he knows we cannot do.  All this does is turn people away from God because the
more they try, the more they will fail.   Yet the Bible clearly shows us what we are to repent from
but they don’t teach that.

4.  The Antichrist is a man.  No he is not, he’s a beast.  Nowhere in the Bible is a man called a
beast.  Have you ever seen a man with 7 heads and 10 horns?  Yet this is what John saw and Jesus
said in Chapter 1 of Revelation that John accurately reported everything he saw.  Yes, John saw a
beast with 7 heads and 10 horns, and this is the antichrist and he is not a man, he’s a beast.

5.  There is no Rapture.  Or, the Rapture happens at the end of the Tribulation and Christians are
going to have to live through the Tribulation.   Again, this is just ignorance of the Word of God
which clearly shows us when the Rapture will take place and when the Tribulation will start.

6.  The Tribulation is 7 years long because it’s Daniel’s 70th week.  This is absolutely false.  
Daniel’s 70th week has been fulfilled 2000 years ago.  The tribulation is about 7 years long, but not
because of this.

7.  The Tribulation starts when the Antichrist makes a 7 year covenant with Israel.  Totally false.  
The antichrist arrives about half way through the tribulation and rules for 3 ½ years.   He does not
make a covenant with anyone.  All who refuse to worship his image will be killed.  Only God and
Jesus made covenants.  And Israel is not even mentioned in Revelations.  Neither are any other

I could give you many more examples of this kind of false teaching which does nothing more than
confuse people and lead to apostacy.  These teachers should study their Bible before they make
public statements that are incorrect because the Bible clearly states that teachers of the Word of
God will be more harshly judged.

If you want to know what the Bible says about the topics I mentioned above, read the studies that I
have posted on my website, you will find that I back up everything I say with many scriptures.   I
learned long ago that the best way to study the Bible is to take a topic and trace it right through the
Bible.   What I do is take a topic, like money for example, I look up every scripture that deals with
money, and then I put together a study on money.   By doing this, when I am done, I KNOW what
the Bible says about money because I’ve read every scripture.   Then I can write an article about
what THE BIBLE says about money, not what I think it says.