The Greatest Story Ever Told About
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
The Mother of All Bubbles is About to
Burst and it Will be Horrific
When this bubble finally bursts, it will be much louder than the shot heard around the world.   It will
affect every single person on this planet regardless of where they live, what they do, or what age
they are.  No one will be exempt, not even the elite.  Even those that have taken measures now to
protect themselves will feel the effects but they will not be hurt as badly and they will survive

For those of us who have been around for the last 50 or 60 years, which is most of the boomers, life
has been good.  Up until about 2008 we have all prospered.   Our homes have increased in value,
our wages have gone up, we have been able to take many trips, buy new cars, and dress ourselves
and our children in designer clothes.   We have all the gadgets we could want, we could eat out a
few times a week, and there was no shortage of entertainment and sports that we could enjoy.  
This truly was living the American Dream.

Life was not the same for our forefathers.  Some of them came to this country with two suitcases
and two children and couldn’t speak very much English.  Their country had been devastated by
wars and left in shambles and there was very little optimism left.  That’s why they came to
America, the land of opportunity.   And life was good to them.   They had to work hard, but they
could see a future for themselves and their families.  They had freedom, there was always lots of
food available, there was lots of work, and everyone could afford a house and a car.   Wow, this
was really living.

So many times I used to ask myself “How did America do it”.   What they accomplished in such a
short time was truly remarkable.  But that was before I understood how money worked.  Now I
know that it was mainly due to inflation.  In 1947 America had a 120% debt to GDP ratio, higher than
it is now.  But in the years that followed, due to money printing and inflation, the GDP outgrew the
debt.  And what was being created from 1947 till now was a false illusion of prosperity, a fantasy,
and everyone loved it.  Debt was greatly expanded so that everyone could “fly now and pay later”.  
We were taught that debt was good.  No one owned anything, they just paid the bank each month
to be able to use it.  And so like little puppets we sucked it up and lived the good life.   Little did
we know that we were being set up as pawns in the greatest Ponzi scheme that the world has
ever seen.

And today, those of us who never experienced the “hard times” but have always lived the life of
affluence, can’t even imagine what it would be like to live like our forefathers did.  Or when we
read about the last Great Depression, we can’t even imagine that anyone could survive through
that.  Lack of work, lack of food, lack of everything.   No one had any money, many starved, some
committed suicide.  People wandered around willing to work for food.  Those that were more
fortunate had a meal once a day.  Many lived in run down vacant warehouses and homes that
were boarded up.  Life was hard.  But here is the most scary part of all.

When this Mother of All Bubbles this false prosperity, this illusion of wealth, this fantasy magic
show, finally bursts, it will completely devastate most people who are now living in denial.  They
will lose everything.   Of course we will always learn to survive when we have to, but this time will
be much different.  We will have Martial Law to contend with.   And then there’s the Fema Camps.  
Who were they built for?  And what will happen to the 47 million Americans who are on food
stamps, what will they have for supper?   And what about the riots and gangs that will be
scrounging for food.  How will we protect ourselves with no guns?  It’s totally mind boggling to try
to imagine what we will have to face.  It’s like when our neighbours house burns down.  We say
“Gee that’s too bad” but do we REALLY know how bad it is?   Not until we experience it.  And this
is when I think that all the pent up anger will finally explode.  When the masses finally understand
that they have been lied to and had.  Until now it has been astounding that after all the corruption,
the lies, the deceptions, the people are still so passive.  They should have been rioting in the
streets long ago.  But the anger is building and this is why I believe that when it finally erupts it will
be the most explosive catastrophe that will have ever occurred.  Far more horrific than the Great
Depression.   And it’s coming soon.  Are you ready?