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The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
The Next World Event on God’s Calendar
God has a calendar.  There are set dates and times on which major events will happen.  For
example at the sixth seal in the Book of Revelation the Bible says this.  “And the four angels who
had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released…”  We don’t
know how long those angels were waiting, but God had an exact time right down to the hour as to
when they would be released to do what they were supposed to.  Throughout the Bible, God
makes predictions that come to pass exactly as He said they would.   Another example is when
Jesus’ birth was foretold 750 years before it happened.  And it happened just as God said it would.  
There are many more examples like this, in fact one could say that the Bible is the only book in
the world that Accurately Predicts the Future because it has not been wrong yet.

The next event on God’s calendar is economic collapse.  In the Book of Revelation the Bible says
“there before me was a black horse and it’s rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand.  Then I
heard what sounded like a voice saying….a quart of wheat for a day’s wages and three quarts of
barley for a day’s wages…”    In our terms, a loaf of bread for a day’s pay.  What does that sound
like if not an economic catastrophe.  The rider has a pair of scales which represents commerce.  
And a day’s pay represents exactly that.

When Jesus’ disciples asked him about he signs of the end of the age, something he told them
was “watch for the signs and you will know when it’s near”.  Well, the signs are obvious.  Almost
all countries, cities, states, and people are in debt.  Huge and growing debt.  The bond markets are
stretched, the derivatives market is a time bomb totally oversold and ready to crack, more and
more countries are turning away from using the Petro Dollar, the Federal Reserve is buying most
of the debt to make up for the lack of buyers, countries are dumping  US Treasuries, the interest
rates have been at zero for years,  47 million Americans are on food stamps, real unemployment in
the USA is at 23%, companies are not expanding, instead they are laying off employees and
closing stores, and retail sales are slumping.   Add this all together and you certainly don’t have a
recipe for prosperity.  If the markets were not manipulated like they are there would be panic
selling long ago.

When will this happen?  It’s always easier to predict the event than to predict the timing.   Many
factors can influence and change that.  Knowing what is coming next is more important than to
know exactly when it will happen.  When Ben Bernanke began his QE policy, most everyone knew
that the stock market would go up because of the large amounts of easy money flowing into it.  
But no one could tell by how much and for how long.  This is the same with the economy.  The
next event is Economic Collapse, but it could happen within a few weeks or a few months and on
the outside a few years.  But it Will Happen.  I know that for sure because the Bible says so and the
Bible is never wrong.  The time to get ready for that was yesterday, but it’s still not too late.   But
one day soon it may be.  The whole question now is will it happen slowly or overnight?  If it
happens slowly then there is still time to prepare, but if it’s overnight then there won’t be.  I
believe it’s better to be a year too early than a day too late.