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Why Allah and God Cannot be the Same God
If you ask a Muslim they will tell you that Allah and God are the same God.   Muslims believe that
Allah wrote the Quran, that it was verbally revealed through the angel Gabriel (Jibril) from God to
Muhammad.   Christians believe that the Bible is the absolute true Word of God that was revealed
by God to His prophets.  

So, to analyze; Allah wrote the Quran.  God wrote the Bible.  Allah and God are the same God.  
Therefore, the Quran and the Bible were written by the same God.  Therefore, there should be no
contradictions between the Quran and the Bible.  If there are, then the same God did not write
both books.   Are there contradictions between the Bible and the Quran?   Yes, many.  So how
could the Bible and the Quran have had the same author.  Yet they both claim to be the word of

If both the Bible and the Quran had the same author, then a Muslim should be able to use the Bible
and a Christian the Quran as their Holy Book.  Or, looking at it another way.  If the same God wrote
both books, then why would He do so?   Why not write one book.  Why would the same God write
one set of instructions to the Muslims and another to the Christians?  The two religions are very
different, so why would the same God tell the Muslims one thing and the Christians another?   Is
God or Allah a liar?  Of course not.  If God or Allah wrote both these Holy Books, then they should
compliment each other and not contradict each other shouldn’t they?   Then how come they
contradict each other?

There is only one possible explanation.  Allah and God are NOT the same God.  And they did NOT
write both books.  One of them is a fake.  It’s up to you to decide which God is the real God and
which one is the fake god.  Which book is the real word of God and which one is the fake.  Your
eternal destiny depends on it.