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All through the current economic crisis, there are still those that think that given time things will get
better, and we will be back on the road to prosperity.  We've been through this before and we'll go
through it again.  In one sense they are right, we have had inflationary and recessionary cycles
before and got through them, but this time is different because we are near the end of the game.  In
order to understand why the economy simply won't improve we need to understand how our money
and banking system works.  Unfortunately, most people don't have a clue about this and this is why
they just hope that everything will work out.  But if they understood how our money system works
they would see that this is impossible.  Our money system is designed to make billions for the
bankers and nothing for the taxpayers.  It can never produce prosperity for the masses, just
prosperity for the bankers because this is how it was designed.  In the end, the bankers will end up
with all the assets and the people will owe all the debt.  What we have been living in for several
years now is a false prosperity, an illusion, a magic show, nothing more.  Many people have alot of
stuff, but they don't own any of it.   They just pay the bank so much a month to use it.  I can sum up
the end game in two sentences.

Our present monetary system can never produce a prosperous economy because it was designed to
produce huge profits for the banks and huge debts for everyone else.  This debt will result in a
transfer of assets from the people to the banksters which will place the banksters in complete
authority over the people who will be totally indebted to them and spend every day scrounging for
enough food to live another day.

I'll show you how this works.  There are only 3 countries left that don't have a central bank.  Cuba,
North Korea, and Iran.  All the rest have a Rothschild cartel central bank which governs the monetary
affairs of the country.  Let's take the USA as an example.  The Federal Reserve is a private  bank and
not a government entity.  In 1913 Woodrow Wilson signed  into law the Federal Reserve act and the
Income tax act on Christmas  eve when many politicians were gone for the holidays.  He later
regretted what he had done, but he bowed to pressure like many others have, and by doing so gave
the Federal Reserve complete control over the money of the United States of America.  Since then,
whenever the government needed money, they would borrow it by selling bonds or treasuries.  The
Federal Reserve would buy some of this debt.  And where would the Fed get  the money from?  
They would simply print it out of thin air.  The US government pays the Fed interest on the bonds
which means that they pay interest to use their own money.  The government seldom pays off their
debts, they just roll them over into new loans and borrow more money to cover the interest and the
money they need to operate.  This is why the national debt continues to grow and the interest
continues to make huge profits for the private Federal Reserve banks through their fractional reserve
system.  But there is another reason as well.  When the Federal Reserve creates the money to lend
the government by buying bonds they never create the interest that needs to be paid on that loan.  
So the interest adds to the defecit but there is no money to pay it with because the interest money
never existed, so in the end, there are huge debts to pay, but no money to pay them with.

I will give you an example of how this works.  A banker takes a vacation to a remote south pacific
island.  When he gets there he notices that they don't use money, but trade with each other for the
things they need.  When he gets back to New York, he decides to start a bank on that island so he
goes back and does so.  He calls a meeting of the local residents and tells them about using money.  
They agree and he lends each person a certain amount of money based on their assetts and needs.  
They begin using money instead of bartering.  A few years later, the local people have a meeting and
decide they don't want to use money anymore, they want to go back to bartering.  So they take all
the money that the banker lent them and return it to the bank and tell the banker that they don't want
to use his money anymore.  The banker says okay, thank you for returning the money, but you still
owe me a considerable amount of money in interest.  But they say we gave you all the money you
gave us, we don't have any more money.  We returned it all to you, every penny.  But the banker
shows them his contract and says you owe me the interest and if you can't pay me then you will
have to give me your houses, your lands, and your farms.  So because the people didn't have any
money to pay the interest, they lost their houses and farms which they used to own before the
banker came.  This is how our present banking system works, exactly like that and the day of
reckoning is fast approaching.  It's absolute fraud and deception but most people don't understand
that, that's why there is no opposition to it.

Let me give you a more recent example of how the central banks work and how they manipulate and
control governments.  They first get them into debt, huge and growing debt.  And the borrower is
always a slave to the lender.  So the government becomes a slave to the Federal Reserve banks.  
Any time the banks want the government to pass a certain law they threaten the government and
they comply.  They do the same with all the elected representatives, they either pay them off or
threaten them to get them to vote the way they want them to.  So in essence, it's the central banks
also known as the Banking Cartel that runs countries, not governments.  For example, in 2008 when
Lehman collapsed in the US, Hank Paulson told congress that either they pass the bailout package, or
the whole system is coming down.  Very reluctantly, some congressmen went along with it even
though they knew it wasn't the right thing to do, but they really had no other choice.  And the banking
cartel got their bailout package which the taxpayer will end up paying and the banks benefited from.  
On Sept 12, 2012, Ben Bernacke introduced us to QE3. And what was the "official" reason for QE3.  It
was supposed to create jobs.  But QE1 and QE2 didn't create jobs, and right now, businesses are not
lining up to borrow money and hire more workers, so the chances of more jobs being created with
QE3 is very slim.  But that was just the "official" explanation.  What QE3 was really about was to
acquire the assets of many americans for nothing.  Here's how it works.  The Fed is buying 40 billion
worth of mortgage backed securities per month.  It's actually 85 billion when you add in the
treasuries they are buying.  And where are they getting the money to do this?  Of course, they will
just create it out of thin air.  They will give the money to the banks and the banks will give them a
variety of mortgages that they are holding.  The fed will accumulate these mortgages and eventually
when they have bought up most of the mortgages in America, they will raise the interest rates, which
will cause some of those mortgage holders to default and give their property to the Federal Reserve.  
As they keep raising interest rates, more and more of these mortgages will default and be owned by
the Federal Reserve.  They will then either sell or rent out these properties and pocket the profits.  
The mortgages cost them nothing so anything they make on them will be pure profit. And if the
property is not sold for enough to cover the mortgage then the mortgage owner will still owe the Fed
the difference.  This is how they plan to buy up america's homes, businesses, apartments, and
commercial buildings.  Everything that has a mortgage on it. And they will do it without using any of
their own money.  This is the biggest scam in the history of the world, but because most people don't
know how it works, they will not object and go along with it.  The politicians will get paid off to keep
quiet, and the poor taxpayer will get shafted again.  This has happened over and over and it will
continue to happen until the Banking Cartels own all the assetts of the world.  At least this is their
plan.  And so far it doesn't look like there is anything that will stop them.  So if you think your
politicians are working for your benefit, think again.  If you think Ben Bernake is working for the good
of the country, think again.  He's working for the good of the private central bank that he works for,
not for the American people.  If you think the President runs the country, think again, he takes his
orders from the banking cartel.  He doesn't serve his country, he serves the banks.

The same things are going on in Europe as well.  Just look at what is happening in Greece and Spain,
and you will see what will soon be happening in America.  Right now, almost every state, city,
county, municipality, and every government is in huge debt.  And who do they owe all this money
to?  Some of it they owe to other countries, some to private and institutional investors, but they also
owe a huge part of it to the Banking cartels.  The whole world has been running on debt for many
years now, and they are all at a point where they cannot manage their debt anymore.  This is playing
directly into the hands of the banking cartel which will end up owning all their assets.  Then when
everything crashes, the same people that caused the problem will say that they have the solution to
fix it and bring in their one world government and one world money system and the same story will
start all over again.  

So this is why our economy simply cannot produce prosperity for the masses.  It was never
designed to do so.  It was designed to keep the masses in debt and produce huge profits for the
bankers who create money out of thin air.  They control the interest rates, they determine when we
will have inflationary and recessionary cycles, and they profit from both.  They don't care about the
people, they only care about money and power.  If you've ever had a bank foreclose on you, you
know what I mean.  Everything they do is to create more profit for themselves, not for the country or
the people.  They only consider the people as being necessary to buy their goods and services with
money that they lend to them and collect interest on.  They are truly a sick minded bunch, and if you
look into what they have done for money in the past you will be flabergasted and wonder how come
these crooks are still allowed to operate.

If you do your homework and understand how the central banks work, how the IMF, the World Bank,
and the Bank of International Settlements work, how Petro Dollars affect the US Dollar as the reserve
currency,  how the fractional reserve banking system works, then you will begin to see what I mean
and how this is one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in the history of the world.  The bankers really do
want to own and control the world.   This has always been their goal, and they are very close to
making that happen now.

So what can you do about this?  Actually nothing because the banking cartel have become far too
rich and far too powerful.  Through their many corporations they own almost everything, they have
infiltrated almost every government and institution, they have their key people in all the positions of
authority, they run or control almost all businesses, governments and countries, so they can do
anything they want.  If you watch the news you can see that the corruption is out in the open now
and no one goes to jail for it.  So you won't change it, but there are some things you can do to protect
yourself.  First of all, get out of debt.  Don't play their debt game.  Do with less if you have to but own
everything you have.  Secondly, put your cash into something that will appreciate like precious
metals or agricultural land where you can live and grow some food.  In my End Times survival guide
video I outline all the things you need to do to survive.  But if you want to escape the calamities that
are coming then watch my video entitled 5 Minutes that will change your life forever.  Whatever you
do, don't play their game.    

You Tube and Google are full of information on these topics.  You don't have to take my word for it,
do your own research and you will be much better equipped to face what is coming.  The problem
today is that most people are too busy with their sports, ipads, ipods, social media, movies, tv, and
other entertainment to bother understanding what is really going on in the world.  And when the
crash comes they will lose everything. The people that owe the most and know the least will be the
first to lose everything.  Don't be one of them.

Posted January 13, 2013.
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