"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

This is the first sentence of the Bible which is such a profound statement, that one
either stops reading at that point thinking it to be impossible, or else reads on to
find out more about this incredible God that could accomplish such a feat.  
Acccording to the Bible This is Our World

He marks out the horizon on the face of the
waters for a boundary...   Job 26:10

Another version of the Bible says that God
compassed the waters" with a compass as an
architect would to draw the outside perimeter
of the earth.  God drew the outside perimeter
on the face of the water which determined
the size that the earth would be.
Gleasons Standard Map of the World 1892
To calculate the curvature of the earth, this formula is used.  It is derived by using the
pythagorean theorem or trigonometry as both will produce the same results. The chart
shows how far below the horizon an object is from the observation point (OP).  An
object 40 miles away would be 1,066 feet below the visual plane.   
At 50 miles away
the horizon should
drop by 833 feet at
either end on a
globe earth.  The
buildings should
lean backward as
they drop over the
horizon but they
don't and the
water should be
curved, but it's flat.
International Maritine
International Civil
Aviation Organization
Azimuthal Equidistant Projection Map
You can see several very credible studies on You
Tube showing how it was faked.  I remember when
I was in Cape Canaveral and saw the moon lander,
even though I didn't think the moon landing was
faked at that time, I could not believe that they
could go to the moon in that flimsy little thing.   

A NASA video by Kelly Smith
Orion:Trial by Fire.  
(which has since been removed but you can
watch it
Here) states that the Orion flight will be
unmanned because they have to get through the
Van Allen Radiation Belts which are still too
dangerous for astronauts and may even damage
their equipment on board.  The Van Allen Belts
start at 600 miles up.  If the moon is 239,000 miles
up, how did the  Apollo astronauts manage to get
through them in 1969?  
Here are some images of satellites in space.  As you can see they are quite a distance from
the earth.  Put a ruler across the horizon and you will see that some are flat, some are
curved, and some are really curved.  Some images that look further away are flatter and
some that are closer to earth are more curved.  How is this possible?  Why don't we have
streaming video of our earth in real time?  Or at least actual pictures.  We do have the
technology to do that. How can we tell the real from the fake?  Why are they all CGI?  Less
than 1% of all USA International Communication is carried by satellites.  Over 99% is carried
by land towers and undersea cables.  You can verify that info
Here Here and Here.  There are
a few satellites in low earth orbit operated by companies like Comsat which provide limited  
communication services to governments, military, and marine operations in non service
areas like deserts, oceans, and Arctic and Antarctic locations.  
You can find them here.  
Others are balloon satellites, launched and suspended from balloons.
There are two explanations for the origin of life and the universe.   One is the scientific  
explanation and the other is the Biblical.  Unfortunately we have only been taught the
scientific, and even though it is all theory, it is taught as fact.  Most people have never
heard the Biblical creation story so they cannot compare it to the scientific.  What I will do
here is present the Biblical account which I believe is the true one. Please keep an open
mind and then you can decide which earth you think we live on because either the sun
goes around the earth or the earth goes around the sun.  They can't both be right.

For thousands of years people believed that the sun and moon revolved above a flat
stationary earth.  For the past 500 years or so since Copernicus, Galileo, Keppler, Newton
and other astronomers and mathematicians, the round earth model was introduced.  Since
then this is what we were taught, and just like the story of evolution, theory was taught as
fact.  Every classroom had a globe, magazines showed pictures of a globe earth, all tv
programs and news showed a globe earth, and we bought it without so much as
questioning it or asking for proof.  Even though the concept sounds ridiculous, most
people still believe it only because the "evidence" is so overwhelming.   What I will
demonstrate in this article is how it is impossible for the earth to spin at 1,000 mph and
travel in an orbit around the sun at 67,000 mph because the Bible says that it doesn't.

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  Now the earth was formless
and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering
over the waters."

This describes the very first concept that God had of how the heavens and earth were
going to be created.  He started with nothing more than an idea, at that time the earth had
no physical form.  God hovered over the water like a painter would when he starts with a
blank canvas.  
And God said, “Let there be light,” and there
was light.  God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.  
God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening,
and there was morning—the first day.  

The first thing God created was light.  Later he would use this light to illuminate the sun,
moon, and stars.   He separated light from darkness to create day and night and it has
been so ever since.  
And God said, “Let there be a firmament between the waters to separate water from
water.”  So God made the firmament and separated the water under the firmament from
the water above it. And it was so.  God called the firmament “sky.” And there was evening,
and there was morning the second day.

What firmament means is vault, dome, arch, expanse, or barrier.  We can call it a dome
shaped barrier.  This dome created an expanse or space between the waters.  It separated
water from water so that there was water above the dome and water under the dome.   The
expanse was called sky and also heaven, but I prefer to call it sky in order to identify the
space we live in from the heaven that God lives in which is above the dome.  This is a very
important concept to grasp because already you can see that it is the opposite of what
science taught us.  Here, our space is much smaller and confined to within the dome where
as science says that the universe is endless and gigantic, trillions and trillions of light
years across.  God has created an inverted fish bowl for us to live in, science tell us that
our solar system is separated by endless space.   In Genesis 7:11 we find that after Noah
had gathered all the animals in the ark "the floodgates of heaven were opened".  This was
to release the water above the dome onto the earth.   In Revelation 4, John saw a door
opened in heaven and a voice saying "Come up here..."   These doors and floodgates are
at the top of the dome.
And God said, “Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground
appear.” And it was so. God called the dry ground “land,” and the gathered waters he
called “seas.” And God saw that it was good.  

At this point of the creation, there was only water under the dome.  God then created the
land masses.  The Bible does not say that God created a globe earth and placed water on
it.  It says that dry ground appeared where there was only water before
 so that there was
now water and land under the dome as shown above.  There is no globe earth under the
dome. This is not the Biblical description.

Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the
land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so. The
land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing
fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.  And there was
evening, and there was morning—the third day.

Now that there was land, God created all sorts of vegetation to grow on the land just like it
still does today.  
And God said, “Let there be lights in the vault of the sky
to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as
signs to mark seasons, and days and years, and let them
be lights in the vault of the sky to give light on the earth.”
And it was so.  God made two great lights the greater
light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the
night. He also made the stars.  God set them in the vault
of the sky to give light on the earth, to govern the day and
the night, and to separate light from darkness. And God
saw that it was good.  And there was evening, and there
was morning the fourth day.
This is when God used the light that he first created to illuminate the sun, moon, and
stars. Notice, that God placed them within the dome, not outside it.  So when we look up
at the sky on a clear dark night we can see a multitude of stars, and they are all within
the dome.   The sun and moon are both lights, each with their own radiance.  Science tells
us that the moon reflects the light from the sun, but the Bible tells us that each is their
own light source.  Also notice that the only three things God made in the sky is the sun,
moon, and stars.  No planets just the sun, moon, and stars.  Their purpose was threefold:  
to give light on the earth, to create day and night, and to separate light from darkness.   
And this is still what they do.  They were to also be used to determine seasons, days, and
years, as they still do.  So can the sun actually be 93 million miles away?   Can the moon
be 239,000 miles away?  Not according to the Bible.  Later I will deal with the size of the
dome and you can decide for yourself.  But if you believe that the sun is indeed 93 million
miles away, then the dome would have to be that tall because this scripture clearly says
that the sun is within the dome.
After this, God created the birds, animals, mankind, and so on, but I won't cover that here
as we are only going to discuss the earth, sun, moon, and stars.  

Praise the Lord from the heavens; praise him in the heights above.  Praise him, all his
angels; praise him, all his heavenly hosts.  Praise him, sun and moon; praise him, all you
shining stars.  Praise him, you highest heavens and you waters above the skies.  Let them
praise the name of the Lord, for at his command they were created, and he established
them for ever and ever— he issued a decree that will never pass away
.    Psalm 148
This shows us all that God has created.  The angels, the heavenly hosts, the sun, moon,
stars, highest heavens, the sky, and waters above the skies.  This is what God has
created, and notice...they will be there for ever and ever.   The waters above the skies
and the dome will be there for ever and ever, even when God comes to earth to live with
us here.  This is our permanent home and this is what it will be like forever.   Mind you, in
Revelation 21 God is going to make a new heaven and a new earth, but actually he will
just remodel the one we have because Psalm 148 says that this model was established
forever.  Just like when we remodel our home, it's the same house on the same land, just
different carpets, kitchen, bathroom, and so on.  The Bible does not contradict itself, so if
Psalm 148 says that they were established forever and ever, that is what will be.
.For the pillars of the earth are the Lord's,
and he hath set the world upon them
1 Samuel 2:8

The point here is that God set the earth
upon pillars which is it's foundation.  The
earth is securely fastened to these pillars
and it can never be moved.  This entirely
contradicts the scientific view that the
earth rotates at 1,000 mph on it's axis and
that it travels in an orbit around the sun.  
The Bible says in many places that the
earth does not move and that it's
foundations are fixed in place.  
I am the Lord, the Maker of all things, who stretches out the heavens, who spreads out the
earth by myself.  Isaiah 44:24

God... Who alone does great wonders, who by his understanding made the heavens, who
spread out the earth upon the waters...  Psalm 136:4-9

What shape is the earth?  According to these scriptures it is not a globe because God
spread out the earth upon the waters".  If the earth was a globe and it is immovable, then
how would the water stay on a globe earth?  And if the globe earth is set on pillars, then
we would find them because they would be visible, holding the globe up.  No, the earth is
flat and it rests on a foundation of pillars which are in the water.   It does not move for this
reason.   God drew out the horizon on the face of the water.  So what did he draw?   A
circle.  This circle was the perimeter of the earth that he would create as shown in the map
below.  The map shows Antarctica around the perimeter of the earth.   With ice banks of
100 to 200 feet high, it holds the water in place.  The dome rests on this ice bank.  As God
...and (He) fixed securely the fountains of the deep, when he gave the sea its
boundary so the waters would not overstep his command, and when he marked out the
foundations of the earth then I was the craftsman at his side.  Proverbs 8:29  
This speaks
of Jesus assisting God in the creation of the earth.
 The North Pole is the centre of the
earth and the land stretches out in all directions from there.  There is an interesting
scripture in Genesis 10:25 which says:  
Two sons were born to Eber: One was named
Peleg, because in his time the earth was divided
.  It is possible that the earth was initially
one land mass which was later divided into continents.  Some have suggested that if one
were to squeeze all continents together they would fit one into another to form one land
It is very clear from these scriptures that the sun sets in the west.  Therefore, it must rise
in the east.  Science tells us that the sun is stationary and the earth revolves on it's axis
to produce sunrise and sunset.  The Bible tells us the opposite, the earth is stationary and
the sun moves above the flat earth producing day and night and seasons.   How it does
this is by illuminating that portion of the earth that it travels over in it's circuit around the
surface of the flat earth.  The law of diminishing perspectives which creates the
perspective of the earth and sky meeting in the distance causes us to see sunrises and
sunsets and once the sun is no longer visible from our location, then it becomes dark and
it is night time while the sun moves on to light up a new section of the earth.  And so it
continues in it's circuit causing day and night to occur.  The Book of Enoch describes this
in more detail.  The sun's circuit is closer to the North Pole in summer and farther from it
in winter which produces our seasons.  Science says that our earth tilts 23.4 degrees to
do this.  But the earth is immovable and secured on pillars, it can't tilt.

On the day the Lord gave the Amorites over to Israel, Joshua said to the Lord in the
presence of Israel:  “Sun, stand still over Gibeon, and you, moon, over the Valley of
Aijalon.”  So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on
its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar.  Joshua 10:12-13

“‘This is the Lord’s sign to you that the Lord will do what he has promised:  I will make
the shadow cast by the sun go back the ten steps it has gone down on the stairway of
Ahaz.’” So the sunlight went back the ten steps it had gone down.  Isaiah 38:8
From these two scriptures we see that God manipulated the
sun, in one instance to stand still and in the second to go
backward.  According to science, the only way to make this
happen would be to stop the earth from spinning and then to
make it spin backwards.  The Bible clearly states that it was
the SUN that God caused to stand still and to go backwards
which means that the sun had to be moving if he made it
stand still.  God also made the moon stand still.  This clearly
indicates that the earth does Not spin but is stationary and
the sun and moon travel around the surface of the earth.
So where does God live?
Have you not understood since the earth was founded?  God sits enthroned above the
circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers.  He stretches out the heavens
like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in.  Isaiah 40:22

From heaven the Lord looks down and sees all mankind; from his dwelling place he
watches all who live on earth...  Psalm 33:13

Is not God in the heights of heaven...as he goes about in the vaulted heavens.  Job 22:14

God lives above the dome of the skies which is where he has set his throne.  You can
also find this in Ezekiel Chapter 1.  Notice the wording "
circle of the earth".  Looking
down, the earth does look like a circle and not a sphere because that is what it is.  He
watches everyone as we go about our daily lives.  This is why it says in Revelation that
books were opened and everyone was judged according to what was written in the
books.  God sees everything we do and writes it down.  

This gives us an account of how God created the heavens and the earth according to
the Bible.  There are still many unanswered questions but that's because we have been
taught the heliocentric earth model and not the geocentric model described here.  I will
expand on some other related issues at random and you can do your own research on
other questions you may have.  
If you look up Van Allen Belts on Wikkipedia it describes the hazards of the belts and then
there is this one statement at the end:  
The Apollo missions minimised hazards for
astronauts by sending spacecraft at high speeds through the thinner areas of the upper
belts, bypassing inner belts completely.  
Really?  Then why can't Orion do the same
thing?  In the 60's they knew they couldn't go to the moon because jet propulsion engines
were not adequate enough to get them there and back, so they decided to fake it.  And
once you start lying, you have to keep lying, so NASA was created to keep the hoax
going.  And they are so convincing with their computer generated images of the earth that
no one challenges them on it.  See NASA's website on the Van Allen Belts

The Internet is full of information and so is You Tube.   A good video is
200 Proofs the
Earth is Not a Spinning Ball by Eric Dubay.  That's a good place to start.  Another one is
Apollo Conspiracy by Richard D. Hall on You Tube.  More fake moon pics.

Also read about Admiral Byrd and Operation Highjump as well as Operation Deepfreeze.
I believe that he found the edge, the wall of the dome, and this is why he abandoned his
mission in Antarctica.  This is why shortly after that 12 countries signed a treaty to which
59 countries have now signed on to.  No one can do anything in Antarctica.  No mining,
no exploration, nothing except some scientific research and limited tourism.  Why?   
Because they know.  If you look at the UN flag you will see the image of the flat earth on
it.  Why?   Because they know too.  But they don't want us to know.  
I never gave this much thought
but one day I saw an article on the
Flat Earth and when I read it, and
saw this drawing with the
Firmament separating the water
from water.  It immediately clicked
because I knew that this is what
the Bible teaches.  Then I began
my research, and now I am 100%
convinced that we have been lied
to by our governments and
NASA.  I believe that the Biblical
account is the right one and time
will prove that to be true.
If Admiral Byrd did find the wall in Antarctica, that's why everything changed after that.  
And if the governments have been involved in a cover up then why did they do it.  I
believe it is because the prince of this world whom they serve demanded it.   Otherwise
they would have to admit that the Bible was right, that God exists and that he created this
world for us to live in; that evolution is a lie, and we are a very special people and not just
one of several solar systems in the vastness of space.   Our understanding of life would
have had to totally change, textbooks and science books would have to be rewritten, no
one country could be a super power because God would be the only super power, we
would have to all take our instruction from him and there would be so many other issues
that would be totally contrary to our present way of life.  Those who's interests were
money, power, and control would have that no longer but would have to relinquish that to
God.  So they had to do it.  And they had to keep the game going or risk being exposed.  
And that is the crossroads that we are still at today.  
A flat earth map is known as an Azimuthal
Equidistant Projection Map.  It shows the
North Pole at the center and all land masses
spread out from there.  Antarctica is shown
as a circle around the perimeter.  This map
represents the World that God made as
confirmed by scripture.  This map is still used
by the USGS (United States Geological
Survey) and is still listed in the National Atlas
of the United States.   It is still used for land
based surveying and navigation because it is
the most accurate in determining the shortest
distance between two points.  The United
Nations uses this map on their flag but they
don't show Antarctica on it and the World
Health Organization uses a variation of this    
map as their logo as do several other
organizations. But why this map?  Do you see
a pattern here?
If you believe the Biblical account of creation then what should we do?   As Christians I
believe we should stand against these foolish deceptions just like we stand against
evolution.  We should firstly educate as many people as we can including the body of
Christ and then expose this hypocrisy for what it is so that others would not get caught up
in this lie.  What is happening now is that even those who are not Christians are proving
that the world is not a globe by using math, common sense, and scientific principles and
then they find that the Bible said that all along.

Christians especially should never believe the heliocentric earth theory that science has
invented because to do so would be to deny God's Word.  It would be like a slap to the
face of God to believe science instead of God.   Christians need to stand up for what they
believe instead of being afraid of ridicule.  Paul said it best
"For I am not ashamed of the
gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes"

The Big Bang, Evolution, Heliocentric Solar System, Santa Clause, and the Easter Bunny
are still being agressively promoted for one reason:  
To Turn People Away From God.  
And they have been successful in doing so. Not only have they deceived many, but those
who have been deceived also teach these lies to their children. The most unfortunate thing
is that the people who believe this will end up in the lake of fire.  This is why I am doing
whatever I can to tell them the truth in the hope that they will open their eyes and see that
they have been lied to and hopefully turn away from that deception and turn back to God.   
Please help me do so by sharing this page with everyone you know.
He set the earth on its foundations; it
can never be moved.
 Psalm 104:5
So what about the moon landing in 1969, we all saw the earth hanging in space on TV as
the astronauts walked on the moon.   How did that happen?  Very easy, it was faked.  
Back then we did not have the technology to analyze things the way we do now.
Click Here for a good video on this.   
I will briefly deal with the other aspect that
science tells us and that is that our earth
also travels in an oval orbit around the sun
at 67,000 mph or 18 miles per second
completing the orbit every year and that it
tilts on it's axis 23.4 degrees while in this
orbit.  I would like to show you some
comparisons to demonstrate just how
ridiculous this theory really is.  
A speed of 67,000 mph is incredibly fast.  So fast that our brain cannot even fathom how
fast that really is.  However, if we compare that speed to some speeds we are familiar with,
we can get a little better idea of how fast we are allegedly hurling through space.
When you drive down the
freeway at 67 mph imagine
that the earth is travelling
at 1,000 times that speed.  
The Japanese Maglev Train set
a world record of 375 mph.  The
earth is travelling 180 times
faster than this.
A .22 calibre rifle bullet
travels at about 800 mph.  
The earth travels 84 times
faster than a speeding bullet.  
World land record holder the
Thrust SSC at 763 mph.  The
earth travels 88 times faster.  
F-18 Fighter Jet top speed is
1200 mph. The earth travels
56 times faster.
When we bring this into perspective, and when we really think about it, simple common
sense tells us that this is absolutely impossible.  How could we be travelling that fast
around the sun and not feel a thing and without having our atmosphere and oceans and
trees and soil and buildings all stripped away.  And what about the inertia that we should
feel when we make the curve to go back?  Do you really think we could do that at 67,000
mph, 84 times faster than a speeding bullet without all being thrown off into space?  
Ridiculous! Compare that to a merry go round which might be going at 10 mph and you can
see how ridiculous this theory really is.   The reason they can get away with it is because
there is no way to prove it.  If science really wanted to show us how this all works, they
would build a working model of the earth and spin it at 1,000 mph and have it travel in an
orbit at 67,000 mph to show us that this is really what happens to the planet that we live
on.   But they can't.  They can only show us foolish plastic toys and computer generated
images of how it's "supposed to work".   And countless volumes of theories and formulas
which are "supposed to work" as well.  But they admit that they can't prove anything.  
Because science is not meant to prove anything.  Yet they teach this to us and our children
as if it was fact.  And they absolutely refuse to even consider the Biblical account.  Do they
really think that they are smarter than God?   
Some use Job 26:7 "..he suspends (or hangeth) the earth upon nothing" to say that the
earth is a globe hanging in space.   But as you can see in this image, which is the Biblical
description, that the earth is indeed suspended within water and is hanging on nothing.
On a Cruise Ship the
horizon is about 20 miles
away in every direction.  
If you go to the top deck
and do a 360 you will see
a perfectly flat horizon in
every direction.  
Using the above formula, if the earth was a globe, the horizon should drop
by 1066 feet for every 40 miles which would be easily visible, yet the
surface of the water at the horizon shows no curvature what so ever.   
And how did they get through the Thermosphere where the temperaturecan reach 2500C?  
This is Impossible.   For another example of how NASA lies to us
Click Here and Here.
Here are some pics of the Hubble Telescope.   Same story, all CGI and all horizons a
different shape.   How can we believe these are real?  With an orbit height of 559km that
places it into the exosphere where the temperature could be well over 2500C yet with no
apparent effect on it.  At that height it would be above the ISS and some satellites.  Where
are the photographs of these?  Instead all we get are CGI.  Is there really a Hubble?  Or is
there only SOFIA which is aboard a 747 which flies at 45,000 feet and has the same
telescope as Hubble but yet can see much farther than Hubble according to SOFIA techs.
Temperatures in the Thermosphere range from
200C to over 2500C.  The air gets thinner and
hotter as altitude increases.   How do satellites,
Hubble and the ISS deal with the heat they
absorb from the sun?  Heat is transferred from a
hot object to a cooler one.  If the air particles in
the Thermosphere are already at 1500C they
cannot absorb heat from another source unless
that source is hotter than they are meaning that
none of the above could exist in the
Thermosphere unless they had a way to transfer
out most of the heat they absorb. They do not.  
The main material used in the ISS is Aluminum as
well as some Titanium and Kevlar.  Aluminum
melts at 660C, Kevlar at 500C and Titanium at
1668C.  The electronic components and wiring
are mainly plastic.  So most of the ISS should
melt in the Thermosphere.  
Here is an excellent
video on that.
How seasons work on a Flat Earth.
Now let's see what the sun and moon do.

In the heavens God has pitched a tent for
the sun...It rises at one end of the
heavens and makes its circuit to the
other; nothing is deprived of its warmth.  
Psalm 19:4-6

The sun rises and the sun sets, and
hurries back to where it rises.
Ecclesiastes 1:5

As you know, these mountains are across
the Jordan, westward, toward the setting
sun...  Deuteronomy 11:30
The International Space Station (ISS) is a little larger
than a Boing 747 commercial airplane.  If you see
how tiny an airplane looks cruising at 35,000 feet
which is about 6 miles up in the sky, consider that
the ISS is 40 times higher than that.  And yet there
are websites and videos that claim that we can see
it with the naked eye.  And some claim that they
have filmed it.  It orbits at 240 miles above earth,
and we can see it?  Impossible.  Not to mention that
this puts it in the Thermosphere where the
temperature can reach 2500C and their computers,
electronics, and  most of the ISS doesn't melt?  
Every plane has a horizon guage which shows the pilots when they are flying straight and
when they turn or adjust their course.  The horizon is always shown flat because it is.   
There are no guages which adjust for the curved earth.
Have you ever flown upside down?  If you fly around the world from
north to south you would have to but commercial planes do not fly
up side down.  If you flew from Europe to S. Africa the plane would
be flying with the nose down most of the way in order to curve
around the earth.  Yet this is not the case the plane is always
horizontal.  If you fly along the equator you cannot fly horizontal to
the earth because if you did you would be sitting sideways in your
seat and could not get up and walk around.  Do you think it is
possible to fly at a 90 degree angle and not know it?  Have you ever
been in a commercial flight that circles the airport?  It banks only a
few degrees and it's very obvious that the plane is not horizontal
any more.  Commercial flights only fly horizontal to the earth, never
at a 90 degree angle.  This is why you can look out either side and
see land.  Therefore, they must be flying above a flat earth as this is
the only way they could stay horizontal to the earth.

There are many ways to prove the earth is not a spinning globe.   Here are some of many.
I will set up 3 targets.  Each will be 1200 feet away from me.   One will be east of me, one
west, and one north.  I will shoot at the targets with a rifle that uses bullets which travel
1200 fps at 400 yards according to the manufacturers ballistic tests.  The bullets should
strike the targets one second after I fire at them.  I fire at all three targets.  Each one is hit
one second after I fire which is how long it takes the bullet to reach the target.  I could
shoot hundreds of rounds and get the same results.  In fact I could shoot any target in any
direction at 1200 feet and get the same results.   The only difference is that this only works
on a stationary earth.  Once you try to apply this experiment to a spinning globe earth,
everything changes.   Here's why.

Science tells us that the spinning globe they say we live on moves at 1000 mph or 1500 fps
from west to east.  So if I shoot east, my bullet will travel 1200 feet in one second, but the
target which is on the earth will move 1500 feet in that one second.   Therefore, I could
never hit my target because the earth moves faster than the bullet in that direction.  If I fire
west, then the bullet and the target are approaching each other.  If they both travel at the
same speed, then they would meet in the middle.  The bullet is travelling a little slower, so
the bullet will take less than half a second to hit the target.  If I fire at the north target, the
bullet will take one second to arrive, but by then the target will have moved eastward by
1500 feet so I will miss the target.  This is what would happen on a spinning globe that
some of you claim you live on.

Science also tells us that it's not only the earth that moves west to east at 1000 mph, but
also everything on it and the air around us and yes, even those soft billowy clouds.  They
tell us that when we throw a ball up in the air, the reason it comes right back down to us is
because the ball is also moving west to east at 1000 mph like we are.  So even though we
have moved 1500 feet so has the ball.  So what is moving the ball when it's in the air?  It's
impossible for the air to do that because air acts differently on all objects of different
sizes, shapes, and weights.  Yet I can throw many different objects in the air and they will
all come right back down.  Also I could stand next to a huge building and block the
supposed 1000 mph wind and still get the same results.  Or I could drop a 5000 lb weight
from a crane and it would fall straight down, the air would have no effect on it.  So that is
impossible.  Gravity cannot do it as it does not work sideways on an object only downward
(if you believe gravity exists). So what is moving the ball from west to east at 1000 mph?    

To further demonstrate how absolutely impossible this theory is, consider how it would
affect us if it were actually true.   Monkeys could not jump from tree to tree like they do
now.  They would not be able to jump to the east or north because the tree would move
before they got there.  The same with antelope and other animals that spring through the
air they would keep hitting trees and other animals.  Birds could not fly east or west like
they do now or they would go nowhere.  Airplanes could not land on any north/south
airstrips.  How about baseball, football, soccer, high jump, tennis, golf, and so many other
sports.  How would they all adjust for the movement of the earth.  Utterly Impossible.   It
would be like living on a moving treadmill.  This is why we live on a flat stationary earth
where we can move in any direction any time with the same results each time.  

This experiment forms the basis of movement through the air for all creatures and
objects.  You can do it with a ball, an airplane, or a bullet and the results will be the same.  
To imagine that we are spinning faster than a bullet is ludicrous.  Most of us never give it a
second thought, but when we do, and apply some basic math and science we see how
impossible this is.  The only reason so many believe it is because this is the only theory
we were taught in school and since then. And we have all been brainwashed with this false
doctrine, we never asked for proof, but it's never too late to understand how this really
works.  Unless you want to keep believing that your ancestors are still jumping from tree
to tree which are moving at 1000 mph.  
The heavens declare the glory of
God; And the firmament shows
His handiwork.  Psalm 19:1
And above the firmament over
their heads was the likeness of a
throne...Ezekiel 1:26
God lives above the firmament (sky)
this is where his throne is.
Another proof that the earth is not a spinning ball is to test the curvature of the earth.  If
the earth is indeed a sphere, then the curvature can be calculated using the formula shown
above.  The best place to test this is at sea where the surface is relatively flat and one's
vision is not obstructed.  

By calculating how far a lighthouse can be seen at sea, we can determine if this is possible
on a flat or a sphere earth.  On a flat earth, the light would diminish with distance until it is
no longer visible.  On a sphere earth, the light would fall under the horizon due to the
curvature of the earth.  Using the above formula of an eight inch drop for every mile
squared, a lighthouse 100 feet high should be visible for no more than 12 miles.  However if
we look at the list of lighthouses below we can see that lighthouses around that height can
be seen much farther.   This is impossible on a globe earth, it can only happen on a flat
earth.  You can find a list of lighthouses on Wikipedia showing their height above sea level
and their visibility range for verification.

Five Finger Islands Lighthouse AK  81' above sea level with a visibility range of 21 miles.   
Using the curvature formula, this lighthouse should be 294' under the curvature minus 81'
for the lighthouse = 213 feet under the horizon at this distance which means that it is not
possible to be seen on a globe earth.

Alcatraz Island Lighthouse CA  95' above sea level  25 mile visibility range.  Should be 321
feet under the horizon at this distance on a globe earth and not possible to see.

Cape Kumukahi Lighthouse HI  125' above sea level  28 mile visibility range.  Should be 397
feet under the horizon at this distance on a globe earth and not possible to see.

Grosse Point Lighthouse IL  113' above sea level  21 mile visibility range.   Should be 181
feet under the horizon at this distance on a globe earth and not possible to see.

Egerö Lighthouse in Norway is 154 feet above sea level and visible
from 28 miles where it should be 230 feet below the horizon.  

The Lighthouse at Madras, is 132 feet high and visible from 28 miles
away, where it should be 250 feet below the horizon.

The Cordonan Lighthouse on the west coast of France is 207 feet high
and visible from 31 miles away, putting it 280 feet below the horizon.  

The light at Cape Bonavista, Newfoundland is 150 feet above sea level
and visible at 35 miles, where it should be 491 feet below the horizon.  

The lighthouse of St. Botolph’s Parish Church in Boston is 290 feet
tall and visible from over 40 miles away, where it should be 800 feet
below the horizon.

The Isle of Wight lighthouse in England is 180 feet high and can be seen up to 42 miles
away, a distance at which the light should fall 996 feet below the horizon.

The Cape L’Agulhas lighthouse in South Africa is 33 feet high, 238 feet above sea level, and
can be seen for over 50 miles. If the world was a globe, this light would fall 1,400 feet below
an observer’s line of sight.

The Statue of Liberty in New York stands 326 feet above sea level and on a clear day can be
seen as far as 60 miles away. If the Earth was a globe, that would put it at an impossible
2,074 feet below the horizon.

The lighthouse at Port Said, Egypt, at an elevation of only 60 feet has been seen an
astonishing 58 miles away, yet it should be 2,182 feet below sea level.  

This is only a sample of some lighthouses where the math simply does not work.  They
should not be visible on a globe earth.  Because they are, the earth must be flat and not a
globe.  If you do your own research on Wikipedia where the lighthouses are listed along
with their height above sea level and their visibility range you will find that all the
lighthouses listed will not be able to be seen at the stated distances if the earth was a
Another way to prove that the earth is not a spinning
ball is by doing a comparison of centrifugal force
and "gravity" on a flat and globe earth.  The flat
earth experiences no centrifugal force because it is
not spinning, but a globe earth does.  "Gravity" does
not exist on a flat earth; objects fall down because
they are heavier than what is below them and when
they reach something that can support their weight
they stop. Let's do a couple of experiments to see
how this would work on a spinning globe.  
Most of us have been on a merry go round and got thrown off when it started spinning too
fast.  We used to play those games when we were kids.   Let's put 3 people on a merry go
round, one in the center, one halfway to the outer edge, and one on the outermost edge.  
When we spin the merry go round, "gravity" holds each person to the floor.  But as it spins
faster, the outermost person is the first to get thrown off, then the middle one, and the
center person simply gets dizzy.  Therefore we can see that there is very little centrifugal
force in the center, and the most at the outermost edge.  
If we go on a Rotor Amusement Ride, where the floor
drops down and we stick to the wall as it goes round and
round, we see that a similar principle occurs.  Before the
ride starts, "gravity" holds us to the platform, and then
when the ride starts turning, centrifugal force overpowers
"gravity" and we are pushed against the wall.  Then the
floor drops down and the centrifugal force created by the
spinning causes us to stick to the wall.   Then the ride
slows down, we start sliding down the wall to the floor,
the floor comes up, and "gravity" holds us to the floor
again.  This is how a scientist would explain it.
If we apply what we have learned to a
1000 mph spinning globe, all the water,
land, trees, buildings, and people should
be thrown off the earth and all that would
be left would be solid rock.  Everything
else on the outermost edge would be
thrown off just like on the merry go
round.  At 1000 mph, the centrifugal force
would have totally overpowered "gravity"
which would have no effect what so
ever.  Because this is not the case, we
cannot be living on a spinning globe.  
From these experiments, we have observed that centrifugal force overcomes "gravity" at a
very low speed.  The merry go round spins at about 10 mph and the Rotor at about 25 mph
a washing machine spin cycle is about 80 mph.
This is what would happen to our oceans
if the earth was a round spinning globe.
It is very difficult to imagine what it would be like to live on a
round spinning globe because we have never lived on one.
There are supposedly 2200+
satellites orbiting earth along with
tons of space debris which should
look something like this.
If that was true the moon
should look something
like this.  
But instead it looks like this and  
the few satellites that are in orbit
are above remote areas.
This is SOFIA
If you still strongly believe that we live on a round spinning globe,
then I have a project for you that will prove it once and for all to
you and to the entire world.  Build a working model.  And you don't
even have to have it suspended in space like scientists say our
earth is.   Take a basketball or something similar and partially
deflate it.  Make indentations where the oceans are and leave raised
areas where the land is similar to what you would see on a globe.  
You can mount the bottom of the ball on a shaft with a crank so
you could spin it.  Then fill the oceans with water, and
spin the earth and show us that the water will stick to the earth.  If
you can do that, you will be the first person in the entire world that
can build a working model of the earth that science says we live
on.  No one else has done this.  

Then again.....
if you can't build it because there is no way to make the water stay
on the globe, you may want to reconsider what you believe.  

Another way you could gain instant fame and fortune is if you
PROVE that we live on a spinning globe.  NO ONE has ever
done this before.  Even scientists and cosmologists cannot prove
it.  You could be rich and famous if you can.  

Then again.....If you can't prove it... you may want to reconsider
what you believe.
It's been said that Kansas is as flat as a pancake.  The distance between Syracuse and
Fort Scott is 413 miles.  The map shows the elevations between these two points.  There
is a drop in elevation of 2385 feet between these two cities.  If we apply the earth curvature
formula to a distance of 400 miles, there should be a drop of over 20 miles between these
two points, instead the drop is less than 1/2 mile.  Numbers don't lie.  Kansas is relatively
flat and flat surfaces of that length cannot exist on a globe earth.
Texas is the second largest state in the USA.  The distance from El Paso Texas to
Henderson Texas is 770 miles.  The elevation goes from 3740 feet to 512 feet, creating
a drop of 3228 feet or about 2/3 mile over this distance.   If you calculate the drop on a
globe earth, this distance should create a drop of
over 74 miles.   

If we go in the other direction from Pampa to Corpus Christi the drop is 3234 feet or
about 2/3 mile over a distance of 648 miles.  Using the same formula to calculate the
curvature of the earth over that distance the drop should be
over 53 miles.
If we were to fly from Caracus to Punta Arenas the plane would have to either fly a staircase
pattern or with it's nose pointing downward to fly along the curve.  You can try this with a
small model airplane and a globe to get the visual effect.  Then ask yourself if you could sit
comfortably in your seat and sip on a coffee while you are in that position.   Not only that,
but the plane would drop by 4932 miles during that flight.  The flight would take about 12
hours so the plane would have to drop by 411 miles every hour or 6.85 miles per minute to
be able to fly along that curve.  Most commercial planes fly at about 35,000 feet which is
about 6.6 miles high.  If you have to drop by 6.85 miles every minute (36,000 feet) in order to
navigate the curve, it would be impossible to keep flying at 35,000 feet. And the nose has to
point sharply downward or you would fly towards E instead of B.  But this is NOT what
happens anywhere on earth. All flights are parallel to the earth without the nose pointing
sharply downward or upward.  The only way this could happen is if the earth was flat.
According to many sites on the internet, the highest point in South America is Mt. Aconcagua
in the Andes which is 22,841 feet or 4.3 miles high.  However, if we do the math from the
image above, point C is about 1159 miles above Caracus and Punta Arenas (points A and B).
Because a side view would show South America to be in an arc shape if it was on a globe
earth, point C would be the highest point compared to A or B.  Therefore we have a huge
discrepancy; 1159 miles compared to 4.3 miles as the highest point.  How can this be?  It's
because they are both right.  The only difference is that the 4.3 miles was measured on a flat
earth and the 1159 miles was measured on a globe earth.  Because there are many sites that
confirm that 4.3 miles is the highest point in South America and there are NO sites that state
that it's 1159 miles, that is proof that we live on a flat earth.
Jesus said...
"You will know the truth and
the truth will set you free"   
Yes it can, but only for a short while.   The two main
reasons are the fuel and the oil.  When a car is up side
down, the fuel would not be able to reach the engine
because the fuel pump would be pumping air instead
of fuel unless the gas tank was completely full.  
The oil pump is not made to work up side down so the oil would fill the top side of the
crankcase and cylinders and leave the main bearings on the crankshaft and some other
parts without oil.  The engine would quite soon seize up if it was left runnning in this
position.  All vehicle engines are built this way as they are not intended to ever be used in
an up side down or sideways position.  

Then we need to ask the question "How can vehicles operate in all countries on a globe
earth as some would be right side up and some would be sideways and some would be up
side down?"  Logically this seems impossible but yet we know that vehicles do operate in
the Arctic, the Antarctic, at the Equator, and everywhere in between with no problem.  
When people have been indoctrinated
(brainwashed) with a lie to the extent that
they fully believe it, when they are
confronted with the truth they will deny it
and continue believing the lie.
MUST WATCH  Yuri Bezmenov Video
The quadrant shows
approximately where
South America would be
at the winter solstice.  
The earth is said to be
approximately 25,000 miles
in circumference.  South
America is approximately
6,250 miles in length from
Caracus to Punta Arenas.   
This is the same distance
as the curve from A to B.  
Therefore South America
would fit in the area from
point A to point B along
the curve.  Point C would
be 1159 miles above
points A or B and the drop
from A to B would be 4932
miles using the earth
curvature formula.  Using
this data we can determine
if the earth is flat or a
Sea Level is the standard we use to measure elevation.   The difference between high and
low tide is considered the mean sea level datum.   Here is the official definition.  Height
above mean sea level (AMSL) is the elevation (on the ground) or altitude (in the air) of an
object, relative to the average sea level datum
What this means is that you can look up the elevation of any
place on earth and state it as "526 feet above sea level" and
another place as "3248 feet above sea level".  In this way we
are able to compare the elevation of one place to another using
sea level as the constant.  But...this only works on a flat earth
where the surface of the water is flat.  On a globe earth we
could not use this standard because sea level does not exist
on a globe earth, it's all sea curve.
As shown above, on a globe earth point C would have 4 different elevations depending on
whether it is compared to A or B or D or E.  There is no one point on a globe earth which
could be called sea level because the sea is curved.  Every point on a globe earth in every
direction would give a different elevation when compared to C.  This would make it very
difficult if not impossible to calculate and compare elevations.  
Because this is NOT the
way we calculate elevation above sea level, it can only mean that we live on a flat earth
where the oceans are flat and can provide a constant reference point for determining and
comparing elevations and altitudes around the world.
There is nowhere on earth where water exists with a curved surface.  
Not in a swimming pool, a lake, a pond, or an ocean.  
This is not the nature of water.  Water always has a level surface.
According to National Geographic: "Sea level is the base level for measuring elevation
and depth on Earth.
Because the ocean is one continuous body of water, its surface tends
to seek the same level throughout the world
. However, winds, currents, river discharges,
and variations in gravity and temperature prevent the sea surface from being truly level."
The truth is...
"In the Beginning God Created
the Heavens and the Earth
and Everything in Them"
Sea Level
Kansas as Flat as a Pancake
How I Can Prove the Earth is Not a Spinning Globe
Airlines always use the most cost effective routes.  So if you wonder why the most cost
efffective route between Seattle and London is by flying over Greenland, just compare
the same route on a globe map and a flat earth map and you can see why.  Pilots think
they have to fly in a circle to go in a straight line because of this.  There are many other
flight routes that can be compared the same way, like flights from Australia to South
Africa which go through Dubai.  It's because it's a straight line on a flat earth map.
Do you really believe that the sun is 93
million miles away?   How do you know that
is true?  Or do you believe it because
someone told you to?  The sun's rays
could only look like this pic if the sun was
close to earth.  But NOT if it was 93 million
miles away.   The same can be said for the
moon which is about the same size as the
sun, it can not be 239,000 miles away.  If it
was we could never see it as clearly as we
We can't see that far.
It is impossible for the sun to be 93 million miles
away and create diagonal rays like these.
Sun's Rays are clearly emitted
from a point not very far above
the clouds.
On Google type in "clouds behind sun and
moon" and you will see many images of
that. There are also many good videos like
Here and Here and Here.
This is only possible if they are close to the earth, but certainly not if they were 93 million or
239 thousand miles away.   Don't forget, the sun and moon are INSIDE the Dome which is
between 6,000 and 10,000 miles up.    This is covered under How High are the Sun and Moon.
One thing is absolutely certain:  According to the Bible, the earth
does NOT spin on it's axis and it does NOT travel in an orbit around
the sun.   And the earth is NOT a sphere.  And the earth is NOT a
planet because God didn't make any planets.
For a list of scriptures regarding the creation of the earth Click Here.
How long they will be able to dupe the world only time will tell, as things are rapidly
changing.  Revelation 6:14 tells us that at the start of the Tribulation, the sky will recede
like a scroll.  Does this mean the dome?  There are many judgments that will follow with
large objects like asteroids hitting the land and the sea and also something that resembles
a comet shower.  The devil and his angels will be cast down to the earth, and the
resurrection/rapture will occur.  Is the dome removed in order to accommodate this?  It
also says that the stars will fall from the sky at that time.  This is why men will run for their
lives and hide in caves.  And let's not forget the New Jerusalem which is 1,400 miles
square as well as high.   It is going to come down to earth after the Millenium.  However, as
Rev 21 tells us, the earth will be made new to accommodate it as it is 150 times larger than
the current size of Israel.
The New Jerusalem will
be 1400 miles long and
wide.  This is how big it
will be compared to the
USA.  It will also be 1400
miles high which will
probably be able to be
seen from everywhere
on a flat earth.  This is
where God will live with
those that love Him.
The Bible says that God created the
heavens and the earth, science
didn't create anything, they don't
even understand it, so why would
we even consider believing them?
Don't Try This at Home
This man built a large treadmill on
which he goes for a jog with his
dog.  They are jogging at about 5
mph. The average man or dog can
only run about 20 - 25 miles per
hour.  What do you think would
happen to them if we sped up the
treadmill to 50 mph?

If you think that's funny, try jogging
on a spinning globe that is moving
at 1,000 mph.
Can a Car Engine Run
When it's Up Side Down?
The Suez Canal is a natural waterway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.   It
is 120 miles long.  There are no locks on the canal as the water level in the canal is the
same as both seas that it connects.  If the earth was a globe the canal would have a drop of
about 1.5 miles from one end to the other.  Which would mean that ships would have to sail
uphill in one direction and downhill in the other.  Nowhere on earth do ships do that.  Ships
are not equipped with brakes or extra engines to compensate for this.  This is because
water is relatively flat all over the earth and ships are designed and built for that.  
The Panama Canal needs locks because Gatun Lake is 85 feet above the level of the Atlantic
and Pacific Oceans which the canal connects.  
The locks raise and lower ships at either end
of the canal.  Without the locks, the ships
could not sail up or down the canal as the
water would drain down to sea level making it
impossible to sail through.  The locks keep the
water above the locks from draining down to
the sea as well as raise and lower the water
level within the locks to lift or lower the ships
so that they can sail through the locks.  

Both of these canals show us that water is
naturally flat.  Locks are used to raise or lower
the water level between the locks to make ship
navigation possible when there is a change in
the land elevation.
The Ultimate Challenge
Science tells us that the earth rotates from west to east at 1,000 mph at the equator.  And
they also tell us that the atmosphere moves along with the earth at 1,000 mph.  This means
that there is a constant wind blowing from west to east at 1,000 mph.  They say that the
reason we don't feel it is because we are moving at the same speed and direction as the
earth and atmosphere.   But what if we walk toward the west?  Should we not be facing a
1,000 mph headwind?  And how could wind blow from every direction?  Would it not be
overpowered by the 1,000 mph wind from the west?   Can the wind blow in two directions at
the same time?  Can a wind blowing toward the west at 30 mph also be moving toward the
east at 1,000 mph?

Here is what the US Dept. of Energy, Office of Science says about clouds on their Ask a
Scientist website.  
"Clouds move with the environmental winds. High cirrus clouds move
with the jet stream at speeds near 100 mph at times. Thunderstorms usually move at 30 to
40 mph but can move as fast as around 60mph."
  Several other websites say much the
same thing, clouds move between 10 and 100 mph, occasionally more, but Never even
close to 1,000 mph.  Clouds could not move that fast and maintain their shape.

So if soft billowy clouds are barely moving at 10 mph and the earth moves at 1,000 mph or
1500 fps below them, in one minute, the earth would move 17 miles leaving the clouds far
behind.  Since we can only see about 12 miles to the horizon, in less than one minute those
soft billowy clouds would not be visible anymore would they?   But we know that's not true.
We can lay on our back and watch those clouds for a long time and they barely move.  

So if the earth spins at 1,000 mph like science says it does, and clouds only move at a
fraction of that speed, then we should see the clouds continuously moving across the sky
like a high speed video as the earth spins below them and we should go through many
different weather systems each day.  But this doesn't happen does it?  So who is telling the
Wind and Clouds
When you lay on the beach on a nice
warm summer afternoon under a blue
sky with soft white billowy clouds
hanging in the sky, science says that
those clouds are also moving at
1,000 mph.  Probably at about 1200
mph because they are higher up.  They
move 5 times faster than a category 5
hurricane, yet everything is calm and
peaceful.  Do you really believe that
this is possible?  Let's see if they are
Another aspect of this foolishness is that science tells us that the earth also travels around
the sun at 67,000 mph completing it's orbit once a year.  If the earth moves 17 miles per
minute just from the spinning, consider that it also moves about 1100 miles per minute in it's
orbit around the sun.  And that it drags the atmosphere, and yes those soft billowy clouds
along with it at that speed.  And yet we don't feel any movement whatsoever and we have
many perfectly calm days even with those thousand mile an hour winds blowing constantly
from west to east along with the spinning and orbit of the earth.  This is insanity at it's finest
and totally impossible.  The only reason some people still believe it is because this is what
they were indoctrinated with from infancy.
Is the ISS really in space or does it
only exist in a swimming pool?
Who Took
This Picture?
On August 21, 2017 the
USA experienced a solar
eclipse.   The map shows
the path of the eclipse.  
We were told that the
moon caused the shadow
by passing between the
earth and the sun.  The
USA is approx. 3,000
miles wide and 1,500
miles top to bottom.  

The shadow produced by
the moon was about 70
miles wide.  Let's see if
this is possible.  
An object cannot produce a shadow smaller than itself, only the same size or larger.  You
can prove this with a flashlight and an object which you place in the beam.  As you move
either of them up and down the shadow gets larger and smaller, but Never smaller than the
object.  Therefore, the moon cannot be more than 70 miles wide as that is the size of the
shadow it produced.  But science tells us that the moon is 2,159 miles wide.  If this is true
then the shadow should have been at least that wide and covered the entire USA and part of
Canada.  The shadow could NOT have been 70 miles wide unless the moon is 70 miles wide
or less.  This proves that the moon is much smaller and much closer to the earth than what
science tells us it is.  The same with the sun.  If the moon is 30 times smaller than science
tells us it is and it covers the sun producing a total eclipse, then the sun must also be 30
times smaller than science tells us it is or else it is much closer to earth than we are told, or
both.  Otherwise it would not produce a total eclipse.

This fits with the Biblical view that they are both under the dome and quite close to the
earth.  If science "guessed" at how wide the moon is, then what else did they guess at?
The Solar Eclipse
You will see these kinds of images in
articles that try to discredit the flat
earth view of the eclipse.  These
drawings are NOT accurate and are
meant to deceive us.  The sun's rays
do NOT shine on the earth in this
manner.  They do NOT converge when
they reach the moon or the earth.  If
they did then only a small portion of
the earth would get direct sunlight and
the rest would get diffused light.  This
does Not Happen.  

The pic at the bottom shows how the
sun's rays would shine on the earth
if the earth was a globe.  
The shadow
that would be created by the moon
would be the same size as the moon
and the shadow created by the earth
would be the same size as the earth.  

Don't be fooled by these pictures or
the articles, they are a total deception
and totally inaccurate.  
These Are Fakes
This image shows the correct size of the
shadow that would be produced by the moon
on a globe earth model.         
On a flat earth the sun and moon  
travel around the surface of the
earth.  The sun lights the day and the
moon lights the night.  When the
moon passes between the earth and
the sun a shadow is produced on the
earth which is the same size or larger
than the moon depending on the
angle of the sun's rays.  The shadow
can go from east to west or west to
east depending on which side of the
sun the moon is at the time.  This
eclipse was west to east and the next
one will be east to west.
The distance between Perth
and Brisbane is 2241 miles.
The highest elevation
between them is 1535 feet.  
On a globe the side view
would show Australia in an
arc shape with the highest
point being 308 miles above
Perth and 308 miles above
Brisbane.  The total drop as
per the earth curvature
formula would be 617 miles
from Perth to Brisbane.  
This clearly shows that we
do not live on a globe
because none of those
elevations can be found.  
The elevations shown must
have been calculated on a
flat earth. The highest point
in all of Australia is Mt.
Kosciuszko near Canberra
at 1.4 miles high.
What he really means is that what has failed is the lies that people like him and others have
tried to indoctrinate us with. They got away with it for a few years but now they got caught
lying and we found the truth, so yes, they have failed and thank God for that.  He also said
“I don’t mind that people don’t know things,”
Tyson said. “But if you don’t know and you
have the power of influence over others, that’s dangerous.”   
You are absolutely right Neil,
you are dangerous and have deceived many.   I suggest you repent and ask Jesus to
forgive you because you are eventually going to have to tell the truth anyway.
On July 18, 2017, Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted:  
The rise of flat-Earthers in society provides some of the best
evidence for the failure of our educational system.  
A wind blowing from west to
east at 1000 mph travels
faster than sound which
travels at about 770 mph.  
At that speed A could speak to B but C could not speak to A or B.   The sound waves would
be carried away by the wind like they are at much lower speeds when we have to yell at
someone at the top of our lungs and they still can barely hear us.   They would Never hear us
if there was a 1000 mph wind constantly blowing from west to east because the wind would
travel faster than sound and "blow" the sound waves away.  Yet none of this ever happens
we can talk to anyone anywhere anytime.   This is only possible on a flat earth.
1000 mph wind
Another way we can prove that there is no 1000 mph wind is this.  The highest recorded wind
speed was in 1996 Cyclone Olivia on Barrow Island, Australia when a 3 second gust was
recorded at 253 mph.  The second highest recorded wind speed was at Mt Washington
Observatory at 231 mph in 1934.    Not even close to 1000 mph.   You can verify that
If you want to prove that there is no 1000 mph wind blowing from west to east, get a really
large fan and place it at one end of an empty room.  Place several smaller fans  in different
directions in front of it.  Place streamers on the fan guards to see which way they are
blowing.  Then turn on all the fans and you will see that the large fan will overpower all the
smaller fans and blow all the streamers in one direction.  That is what would happen if we
had a wind blowing continually from west to east at 1000 mph.  
Look.  I can place the cars the way science says they are on a
globe earth, but
I can assure you that only the top one will run.  
If you asked a scientist this question he would tell you that
it's all because of the magical properties of something called
gravity which would make sure that no matter what position
the car is in on a globe earth, it is always right side up.  And
it's gravity that makes sure that the gas is always at the
bottom of the tank and that oil is always at the bottom of the
crankcase regardless of whether the vehicle is right side up,
sideways, or up side down.  
This is totally untrue, ridiculous,
and absolutely impossible.
The Lunar Eclipse
You can find many pictures like this depicting a lunar eclipse.  THEY ARE FAKES.  The sun's
rays do NOT converge as they approach the earth or the moon.  They travel in straight lines
just like in the solar eclipse picture above.  The sun is about 100 times larger than the earth
and the earth is about 3 1/2 times larger than the moon in the globe earth model.  These
drawings do not depict that.  We already determined that the moon is about 70 miles wide
and science tells us that their globe earth is about 8,000 miles wide.  You can Never produce
a shadow smaller than the object.  An 8,000 mile wide earth would produce an 8,000 mile
wide shadow completely blocking out any light from the moon.  This would be like
comparing a pea to a 25 inch exercise ball.  But this is not the way a lunar eclipse happens.
Here are 4 screenshots from a time lapse video taken of a lunar eclipse.  You can view the
entire video
Here.  In image 1 something is creating a shadow on the moon.  It progresses
as shown in image 2 until the entire moon is a red color.  Notice the angle that it crosses
the moon at.   Now notice image 3 as the object retreats and the red color fades.  In image
4 it is dark again and continues on until it leaves the moon and the moon is full again.   You
can see this happen in the video.  Notice that the object creating the shadow enters from
the bottom left and leaves from the top left.  
Here is another video that is quite similar.  
There are many reasons why the earth could NOT be producing these shadows.  A shadow
is the absence of light and is never red or transparent.  Light does not bend enough to
produce this and atmopheric conditions though possible cannot be as consistent as the
red blood moon color. The lunar eclipse can be seen over a large area of the earth,
therefore the object causing the shadow would have to be very large or very close to the
moon to do this.  The earth is neither.  We have already proven that earth is Not an orbiting
globe so we don't need to explain that further.
So, if the earth does not cause the lunar eclipse what does?  Obviously something causes
the moon to attain a reddish color and there could be several explanations for this.  It could
be a dark or colored or transparent star passing across it.  It also could be that the moon
which creates it's own light is producing the red light.  Or that this is a "recharging phase"
of the moon.  God created many stars of all different shapes, sizes, and colors.  Some are
in fixed positions, some are wandering stars (which scientists calls planets), some are
shooting stars, some twinkle, some shine, and some are dark stars. All the stars are under
the dome as well as the sun and moon so they are much smaller and closer than science
says they are.  I believe that the sun, moon, and stars each give off their own unique light
and that they all have their assigned movements across the sky producing day and night,
years and seasons, just like God designed them to do.  There are also several documented
cases and videos where the sun and moon are in the sky at the same time during a lunar
eclipse which totally refutes the possibility of an orbiting earth.  Find two
here and here.  
The sun and moon orbit above a flat stationary earth from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic
of Capricorn.  This produces the seasons.   The sun has a slightly faster orbit than the moon
and completes one orbit every 24 hours; the moon every 24 hours and 50 minutes. The map
above shows the speed of the sun at (+-)955 mph and the moon at (+-)944 mph which is in line
with a 24 hour rotation.  NASA (never a straight answer) says the moon travels at 2288 mph
around the earth.
   The moon will appear in the same spot in the sky 50 minutes later than the
day before. The sun and moon orbits are offset by 5 degrees. The reason we cannot see the
New Moon is because the sun and moon are very near each other at that time and the sun's
glare does not allow us to see the moon.  This is shown in the image above which is from
Dec 18; a New Moon just before the winter solstice.  You can find that website
Here on which
you can set your location, time, and date and track the movements of the sun and moon.
Compare this map with a flat earth map for an accurate reading.  
While We Are On The Subject Of The Moon....
Remember this famous photograph of the earth from the
moon by the Apollo astronauts?   Well guess what?  
According to NASA the earth is almost 4 times larger than
the moon.  However we saw from the shadow of the eclipse
that the earth is actually over 100 times larger than the
moon.  Even if we use NASA's numbers,
the picture of the
earth from the moon should show the earth 3 1/2 times
larger than the picture of the moon from the earth
.  Instead
they both look around the same size.  Trick photograpy you
say?   Naw.  If you are going to take the first ever picture of
the earth from the moon, it's going to be as it is, no faking.  
They wouldn't want to be accused of fake photography
would they?  So which is it?  Did they really go to the moon,
or did they somehow just get the picture wrong?  I believe
the sun and moon are about the same size which can easily
be observed by comparing them in the sky.  This is also
confirmed by them being about the same distance from the
earth as we saw above.
Photo of Earth from Moon
Photo of Moon from Earth
The small red dot shows
the size of the total eclipse.
The sun and moon travel
above the surface of a
flat stationary earth.  The
earth is about 24,800
miles in diameter.  The
sun and moon's orbit is
from the Tropic of
Cancer to the Tropic of
Capricorn.  These are at
23.5 degrees N and 23.5
degrees S, a total of 47
degrees between them.  
At 69 miles per degree
this is 3243 miles in total.
The sun and moon orbits are very similar. The sun's orbit is parallel to the earth, the moon's
orbit is offset by 5 degrees as shown in the Moon Phases drawing above.  On June 21 the
sun is vertical at the Tropic of Cancer.  On Sept 21 and March 21 it is vertical at the Equator,
and on Dec 21 it is vertical at the Tropic of Capricorn.  

The lines A-E and A-C represent the linear degrees and line E-B represents the miles that
the sun and moon travel across the earth.  From this we can determine how high the sun
and moon are in the sky.  
Because the 47 degree angle can only intersect line E-F in one
place regardless of how far up or down E-F is extended, we can see that the sun and moon
travel in an orbit that is about 3200 miles above the earth.
 If you place the sun and moon
any higher the 47 degree angle will not intersect line E-F higher, it will still intersect it as
shown.  The same with the 23.5 degree intersection. This clearly places the sun and moon at
that height.  This is very different from what science tells us because this is calculated on
the flat earth model that we actually live on and not the globe model.  This information can
be verified
Here and other similar sites.  Havana Cuba is very near the Tropic of Cancer.  By
setting the date to Dec 21 when the sun is overhead at the Tropic of Capricorn we can see
that the altitude of the sun from Havana is 43 degrees azimuth which corresponds to 47
linear degrees from vertical as shown on the drawing.  The same can be done by setting the
date to Sept 21 and March 21 when the sun is overhead at the equator, the altitude is shown
as 67 degrees azimuth which corresponds to 23.5 degrees from vertical.
How High Up Are The Sun and Moon
Not Drawn to Scale and Degrees are Linear Based on a Flat Earth Map
Michio Kaku recently stated   “To me it is clear that we exist in a plan which
is governed by rules that were created, shaped by a universal intelligence and
not by chance.”
 That can be found here.  He also said ..."theoretical particles
known as “primitive semi-radius tachyons” are physical evidence that the
universe was created by a higher intelligence."
  You can find that here.   
The Scientific World is starting to wake up to the truth.   Books like The Language of God
by Francis Collins (head of the Human Genome Project) is a confession of belief from one of
the World's Leading Scientists.  
There Is a God: How the World's Most Notorious Atheist
Changed His Mind
by Antony Flew where he recounts how he came to believe in a Creator
God as a result of the Scientific Evidence.  And what about the 5 million You Tube videos on
the Flat Earth.  And the stacks of evidence where the math simply Does Not Work on a
Globe.  There is so much now that is indicitave that there is a great awakening happening.   
Thank God for all that because Jesus is coming back very soon now.  
All Images are Official NASA Pictures of Earth as released through
the Mainstream Media outlets and Major News Agencies of the World.
The reason we see the
sun travel in an arc from
sunrise to sunset on a
flat earth is all a matter
of perspective.  The sun
actually travels in a
straight line and at the
same distance from the
earth in it's entire orbit.  
If it didn't then one place
would be warmer than
another depending on
how close to the earth
the sun was.  
Objects seem larger the closer they are and diminish in size as they move away from us.  
The lines shown above are actually parallel to the earth.  They just look like they converge as
they meet in the distance.  This does not really happen, it only appears that way from our
observation point.   A complete explanation of how this works can be found
Here is a picture of the flat earth sunset.   If
the sun was 93 million miles away, the entire
horizon from end to end would be lit up and
then recede.  Because the sun is much
smaller and closer to earth it lights up a
smaller part of the earth and sky.  Sunsets  
are about 6200 miles away from us after
which we can no longer see the sun as all
lights including the sun have their range
limitations.  The complete video is
Click Here to see a video that shows the sun at sunset and how high above the water the
sun actually is when zoomed.  This proves that the sun does not sink below the horizon like
it would on a globe earth.  It simply moves away from us like the above picture shows.  
Another video that shows how much smaller the sun gets at sunset and how it only lights
up a portion of the sky as it moves away from us is
This is an example of a
mysterious object near the moon
caught on video.  You can see
the video
Here.  One of many
lunar eclipse possibilities.
Unedited video
footage of a
jump from
space using a
GoPro Camera
which has a fish
eye lens.  
Notice that
when the
horizon comes
across the
center of the
lens it is flat at
both 67,832 feet
and at 18,458
feet.  The
complete video

You can find
many other
similar videos
that show a flat
horizon from
If you use a fish
eye lens it
makes the
image curved.
But when it's
centered on the
lens like these
are it shows it
as it is.

This frame
shows the
hatch open and
clearly a flat
horizon at
127,770 feet.  
Over 24 Miles
up; much
higher than
airlines fly and
the horizon is
You can also
see this at the
1:24 mark in the
All this junk has NEVER caused a major collision with ISS or Hubble and we never see it in any of their pictures either.
Fluorescent light is similar to moonlight as they are both a white-ish light with a blue-ish
tinge.  If the moon's surface is covered in a phosphor type material which converts
ultraviolet light into visible light this could cause the moon to glow thereby producing visible
light.  We are told the moon reflects between 3% and 12% of sunlight and that the sun is
400,000 times brighter than the moon.  This cannot work on a flat earth for how can sunlight
light up the moon at night but not the earth below it, especially at full moon when the sun is
the furthest away from the moon as shown above.   Moonlight is cooler and whiter than
sunlight.  Because the sun, moon, and stars are all under the dome, they are all close
enough to each other and could receive their light from the sun but I believe God created
them each with their own light.  A possible explanation is that the moon works like a battery
and charges up every time it is close to the sun.  Then it glows until the next charging. As
the glow recedes it produces the moon phases.  Or it is self charging and does not need
sunlight for that.  The moon could also be lit from within and if it is it can also produce it's
own phases by rotating it's light from one side to the other.  And it can produce it's own
eclipses at the appointed times and the red color.  More study is needed on all of these
possibilities.  Because no one has ever been to the moon, we don't know what the moon is
made of or how it works. But God made the moon so accurate that it's exact position can be
calculated for thousands of years forward or back.  More on how phosphors work
Moonlight and Moon Phases
Even scientists and NASA do not have a clear
understanding of what causes moon phases.
What we do know is that the moon produces it's
own light, it is not a reflection of sunlight.  At full
moon the sun is 180 degrees from the moon.  At
new moon the moon is very close to the sun
therefore we can't see the moon because the
sun's glare does not allow us to.  

One way the moon could produce it's own light is
by converting ultraviolet light (and other types of
light) into visible light very similar to the way
fluorescent lights work.  Fluorescent lights are
coated with phosphors which convert ultraviolet
light which is invisible into visible light.
Felix Baumgartner ascended over 24 miles which took 2.5 hours.  He landed 55 miles
away from where he started in New Mexico.  If the earth was spinning at 1000 mph he
should have landed 2500 miles away.   
The Greatest Crime
Against Humanity

An Indoctrination
System That Teaches
Theory as Fact
From This

To This
To This
To This
Do you believe that the Big Bang is theory or fact?  Has it been proven to you?  
Can you prove it to me?  Or do you believe it because someone told you that it's
true?  Find out what an astrophysicist says about that
The distance between Cape Town and Cairo is 4500 miles, more than 1/4 the way around a
globe earth. This would produce an arc with a center height of 1145 miles.  The highest land
elevation in Africa is less than One Mile making it IMPOSSIBLE for Africa to fit on a globe.
If the sun's orbit is parallel to the earth did you ever wonder why we can look at
the sun at Sunrise and Sunset but not at Midday?   
Click Here
Click Here to see how stars
rotate above a Flat Earth
Did the Moon Landing Really Happen?
BREAKING NEWS - March 29, 2018
Today a group of scientists and other professionals have released a video which
was over 7 years in the making.  Using hi tech equipment they did experiments
on six continents to determine the shape of the earth.   Today they have
released their results with irrefutable evidence.  You can see their video
The Greatest Story Ever Told About
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
For an Explanation of the New Continent discovered by this group  Click Here.
Daniel 12:3: "And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament..."
The sun's rays bounce off the firmament (sky) that's why we see it.
"We'll know our disinformation
program is complete when
everything the American public
believes is false"
CIA Director William Casey at a
February 1981 meeting
Because the total eclipse
shadow was 70 miles wide
this proves that the moon's
diameter is no wider than
Click Here for another fake story of Israel launching a lander to the moon.  
If the Sun lights up the Moon
then why is there no hot spot
and shading on the moon?   
Click Here to see.