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In the Old Testament, Moses brought down the Law from Mount Sinai where he met with God.  
The Law had so many rules that it was impossible for anyone to obey.  The Israelites needed a
strict Law at that time because they had just come out of Egypt where for 400 years they were
slaves.  Now they were free and they had no concept of who God was or what he required of
them.  They were quite a wild bunch.

In the New Testament, at the time of Jesus, the Pharisee's were the religious leaders at the time
in Israel and they spent most of their time enforcing the Law.  Jesus continuously had it out with
them, for they did not accept him as being the Son of God and eventually were the ones that
asked Pilate, the Roman Governor to have him crucified.  

Their biggest conflict was The Law.  Jesus came teaching something totally new.  Believe in me
he said and you will be saved.   The Pharisee's did not want to give up control of Israel so they
chose to discredit Jesus instead so they could maintain the good thing they had going.  In fact,
after Jesus' death and resurrection, when Jesus' disciples started preaching his message and
many people believed, the religious leaders again broke up and scattered the church.

When Jesus died on the cross, he fulfilled the Law.  No man was able to keep the Law until then,
but Jesus did.  Therefore he fulfilled the requirements of heaven and the requirements of
mankind.  That is why he was the perfect sacrifice, once for all.

Now, instead of The Law, the disciples taught the people to believe in Jesus.  They no longer had
to keep the Law which made the Pharisee's angry and many were believers in secret for fear of
them.   What Jesus gave them (and us) in place of the entire Law was only two commandments.  
He said that the entire Law hinged on keeping these two commandments.  Here they are.

Matthew 22:36-40
"Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?"  Jesus replied:  "Love the Lord your
God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."  this is the first and greatest
commandment.  And the second is like it " Love your neighbor as yourself.  All the Law and the
prophets hang on these two commandments."

The first commandment was part of the Law from Leviticus 19:18 and Jesus added the second
one to it.  Now Christians only have these two rules to live by instead of trying to keep the entire
Law.   Let's have a closer look at what they mean.

To love God with ALL your heart, soul, and mind means putting God first in Everything.  God
must be more important to you than anything and anyone else.  In the same way that Jesus said
you can't love both God and money, in this commandment he emphasizes that God has to come
first in your life in everything.  And if God does come first, then you will walk in the Spirit of God,
and you will seek the things of God instead of sinful things, and you will want to know God and
spend time talking to God.  Your life will revolve entirely around God.  Not the other way around,
where your life revolves around you and you spend some time now and then with God when you
feel like it.  However, remember we are talking about LOVE the Lord not how much time you
spend with God, but how much you Love God.  What Jesus means is that our first Love must be
God.  If you do that, you will fulfill the requirements of The Law, for there is no law that can
surpass Loving God this much.

The second commandment is many times misunderstood and overlooked.  Love your neighbour
as yourself.  In order to be able to do that, you FIRST need to love yourself. I don't mean in a
conceited way, of course we all love ourselves.  What this means is more than that.  What it
means is that you first need to know who you are in God.  You need to know what God thinks of
you, and you need to know what you think of yourself as God sees you.  Some Christians fear
God, some are ashamed to face God, some hide from God.  You first need to feel confident
before God before you can love yourself.  Otherwise you will love your neighbour the same way
that you love yourself.  It is impossible to love someone you fear.  So if you fear God, it is
impossible for you to love him.  And if you fear God, there must be a reason you fear him.  It must
be that you don't think God is pleased with some aspect of your life.  If that is where you are right
now, then you will not be able to Love your neighbour, that will be clouded over with how you
feel toward God and how you think God feels about you.  That is why it is imperative to have a
totally open and transparent relationship with God first.  Then you will be able to really love
yourself and God and your neighbour.  

One of the things that keeps many Christians from having this kind of relationship with God is the
sin issue.  Unless they are living in denial, they know that they will keep sinning even though
they don't want to.  It's like Paul said in
Romans 7:15-25 ...what I want to do I do not do and what I
hate I do...what a wretched man I am...
 Paul recognized that he would sin the rest of his life and
although he wanted to do good and please God, he could not.  He ended that passage by
So then I myself in my mind am a slave to God's law, but in the sinful nature a slave to the
law of sin...
 Paul knew the difference between his physical self and his spiritual self.  He knew
that his spiritual self wanted to please God, but his physical self did not.  And this is the struggle
every Christian has.  I struggled with it for years as I wrote in the Repent study.  

What we have to understand clearly in our head and heart before we can have an open and
honest relationship with God is this.  We will sin till the day we die.  God knew that, that's why he
sent Jesus to die for our sins, because not one of us could overcome our sinful nature on our
own.  We never will.  God said, I'll make you a deal. You can't enter heaven and we can't have a
relationship the way you are.  But I want you to.  So I will send Jesus to die for your sins so that if
you simply accept what He did for you, all your past, present, and future sins will be totally
forgiven and forgotten.  And I know that you will still sin for the rest of your life.  That's okay
because you can't help it, and it is already taken care of anyway.....NOW...let's have a great time
together.  Now when I look at you I don't see your sins anymore because they are covered by
Jesus' blood.  All I see is that wonderful creation that you are.  I am so pleased with you.  You
totally delight me.  I want you to know that because that really is how I see you.  So relax, the
Holy Spirit will teach you in your own time.  You can't learn everything all at once.  So please, you
don't need to fear me because I am not angry with you....I Love You just the way you are.  Come
and talk with me.  Come jump up on my lap and let's have a hug together.  You are my child and I
am your Father.  Let's start relating like you believe that.  You can come to me anytime about
anything and I will be so happy to talk to you about it.  Tell me everything about what's on your
heart I would love to help you if you want me to.  I have no reason whatsoever now to be upset
with you because Jesus' blood took care of it.  Come walk with me like Adam did before he
sinned.  That's how it is with us now, like you never sinned.  Let's be friends.

To some of you reading this you may find this one of the hardest things to overcome, but believe
me, when you do, you will not believe what an absolutely awesome relationship you will have
with God.  Nothing like you ever experienced before.  It is like Jesus will know the truth
and the truth will set you free....  The truth is that God loves you just as you are.  He more than
loves you, he is totally impressed with you.  After all you are his creation, why wouldn't he be.  
Try it.  It may take you some time, but be persistent.  Read Romans over and over and you will
see it all in there.  As
Romans 8:1 says....therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who
are in Christ Jesus....  
 That is how God feels about condemnation, just love for you, his

This is the hardest part.  But once you get this clearly in your mind, soul, and spirit, then the
second part will be very easy.  THEN you will be able to love your neighbour like yourself.   You
have to love yourself first before you can love your neighbour.  And you can only love yourself
when you know that God loves you just as you are.  Then you can love your neighbour JUST AS
THEY ARE.  That's how God wants you to love your neighbour.  But you can't do that if you don't
think God loves you that way, and if you don't love yourself that way.   All the worldly
psychologists could make their jobs so much easier if only they could teach this to their clients.

I think we have all met some people that absolutely "glow".  It makes you wonder how they can
be so "up" all the time.  Well... when you get this in your heart, you will be one of them.  
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