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NASA Deception
This is an example of
a very obvious
deception by the
NASA's of the world
and their minions.   
You can find the
original article on RT
by clicking
(if it has not been
removed since).  
You Tube Video can
be found

October 11, 2018.
Let's analyze what the commentator says.  At one minute into it they are going 1100 miles per
hour.  At 1:16 it starts to shake and the commentator Very Calmly says that we now have the
escape tower for the Soyuz now jettisoned.  Then the video cuts away to a side view of the Soyuz.  
Who took that video?  It shows a curved earth in the background and a 3 piece chart in the
foreground.  Notice at 1:30 the numbers on the chart show 2073, 81, 124.  Then at 1:31 the video
changes showing a different angle of the Soyuz and a different earth behind it but the numbers
continue at 2081, 82, 126.   Who took this video?  Also notice the angle the Soyuz is flying at which
is about 45 degrees to the horizon.  However if you look at the chart on the left it shows the
trajectory as now travelling rather parallel to the earth.  The chart on the right shows the upward
trajectory, but already shows the downward crash direction as well even before it happens.  Then
there is an announcement about the "failure of the booster" in a very calm voice in both the original
and the interpeter's announcement.  This is repeated again in a another calm voice.   Then at the
2:05 mark the announcer says "190 seconds into the flight he's travelling about 4700 miles per

Lets look at those numbers.  It was supposed to take 6 hours to reach the ISS which is about 240
miles above earth.   If we do the math, after 2 minutes it's going 4700 miles per hour or 78 miles per
minute.  In the first minute it was going 1100 miles per hour or 18 miles per minute.  These two
numbers give us an average speed of 48 miles per minute.  This means they should reach the ISS
in about 5 minutes.   At that speed in 6 hours it would travel over 17,000 miles.  Why would they go
that far and use that much fuel?  Something wrong with the math?

The image clearly shows a side view of the rocket with emmissions flowing out the back.  The
numbers keep climbing on the screen as if it's a normal ascent yet the announcers tell us that there
has been a failure and the crew jettissoned away from the craft.  Then they loose contact but don't
worry, they are all fine and have been recovered unharmed.  

For those of you who can still think and reason:   Have you ever seen such a blatant "in your face"
lie as this?   There is so much more one can say about this but what's the point, the rest is very
obvious.  It's all intended to keep the hoax going.  

Update:  Oct 12/18.  The next day RT published another propaganda story on this.  They even show
the cosmonauts alive and well and the escape capsule in a field.  You can find it
Here.   The
headline reads   
Emergency escape at 6000 km/h: How near miss Soyuz rocket accident unfolded.   
Yep, 6000 km/hr is 3728 mph which should take them 5-6 minutes to reach the ISS, but the article
again states:  
In graceful slow motion, the rocket soars, then accelerates at an angle into the clear
azure sky over the Kazakh desert, towards the orbiting International Space Station, to which the
Soyuz will attach in six hours.   
A bit better than a soap opera, but all BS.