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The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
This world event is referred to as the rapture of the church.  It will happen suddenly as the Bible
"in the twinkling of an eye".  One thing is clear from scripture, and that is that the rapture
WILL happen.  When is debatable because the Bible does not tell us that.   What I am going to
present here is the reason why the rapture is necessary instead of when it will happen.  
Personally I believe in the pre-tribulation rapture and I have scriptural reasons to believe that.  
But why is it necessary?

Revelation 19:14 and 1 Thessalonians 4:14 says that Jesus will return to earth with his saints.  
The saints are all the born again Christians who ever lived on this earth from the time of Adam
and Eve to the time of the end.  1 Thessalonians 4:15-17 tells us that at the time of the rapture,
the dead in Christ shall rise first, then those believers who are still alive will be caught up to
meet the Lord in the air.   So the rapture will include all believers that have ever lived on this
earth up to the time of the rapture.   After this the Tribulation starts and lasts for 7 years.  

In Hebrews 4:9-10 the Bible tells us that there remains a Sabbath Rest for God's People.  This
cannot happen when Jesus comes back to set up his Kingdom on earth because that will be for
1000 years.  However it makes sense if it is for the 7 years of the tribulation.  If we are
resurrected and raptured at the beginning of the tribulation, then we will spend 7 years in heaven
being prepared for the 1000 year millenium reign of Christ on this earth and have our "rest" from
this life during that time.

For those believers who think that when you die you will go to heaven and enjoy your new
mansion with your own private pool and putting green in the back yard where you will live
forever, think again, because the Bible does not teach that.   Yes, we will be caught up to heaven
for 7 years, but we will also come back with Jesus when he sets up his kingdom on earth for
1000 years and reigns from Jerusalem.   Therefore, we will live back here on earth for 1000 years
with Christ.  So what are we going to do in heaven for 7 years if we are coming back here to live?

When all the saints are raptured and meet the Lord in the air and are taken to heaven to be with
the Lord, there will be people from all time periods, all races, all languages, and all cultures.  
Imagine if you fell asleep for 2000 years and then woke up.   Things would be very different from
what you remembered them being.  That is what it will be like for many believers who lived
many years ago.  Whether we will all speak one language in heaven, or if we will speak all
languages, or if we will communicate in some other way, I don't know, but there will definitely
have to be a time to get oriented and organized so that all believers can come together as one
body with one understanding and purpose.  And THIS is what I believe the 7 years in heaven is
for.   It's to get us all up to speed and to train and teach us how things are going to be done on
earth when we go back there.   Of course I also believe that the Bible teaches that the reason the
rapture happens before the tribulation is because Christians don't need to be tested any further,
they have already made their choice.

When Jesus returns to earth with his saints, He will be entering a war zone.  A place that has
been totally devastated by 7 years of war, disease, famine, destruction, and riots.   I wonder if we
will even recognize it as the place we used to live.   I have no doubt that some of those wars will
be nuclear and the devastation will be horrific.  This will all have to be cleaned up and made
habitable again.   Jesus is not going to wave a magic wand and voila it's all beautiful again.  
There will be a lot of work to be done.  

When Jesus returns he will also judge the remaining inhabitants of the earth and separate the
sheep from the goats.   The sheep will enter the 1000 year Millenium to re-populate the earth.  
The goats won't.  These sheep will be just like we are right now.   They will still die when they
are old, and they will still have to choose if they want to serve God or not, as will their offspring.

One of the biggest changes will be what type of business establishments will still be allowed to
operate under Jesus's rulership and which won't.  Bars, casino's, nightclubs, strip joints, porn
sites and movies, and the like will all have to be closed down and demolished.  Many new
churches will have to be built.  School books will have to be re-written and teach that
"In the
beginning God created the heaven and the earth"
.  TV shows will focus on good things and not
crime, killing, gangs, war, cheating, and so on.  Libraries will have to be re-vamped with many
books thrown out and new ones written.   We may not even use money, or maybe we will, and if
we do, honest practices will be enforced.   Do you see what I mean here?   The bible says that
Jesus will rule with
"a rod of iron" because He will create a world in which righteousness reigns
supreme and good deeds are recognized and encouraged.   A world where everyone works for
the good of everyone else.  Where no one thinks of how they can benefit from something, but
instead of how something can benefit everyone.   It will be totally different from the life we are
living right now.  

There will be three types of people on the earth at that time.   There will be the people like us
(the sheep), there will be the resurrected saints who will have their heavenly bodies, and there
will be the angels.  I also think that every saint will be appointed to a new job.  Maybe a town,
city, village, state, or country to rule over along with many assistants to ensure that Jesus is
represented everywhere in the world.  Maybe some saints will be the school teachers that teach
the children God's ways.  Maybe others will help poor war ravished countries to rebuild and be
prosperous.  There will be a thousand things that will need to be done and THIS is the reason
why we need our 7 years in heaven.   While all hell is breaking loose on earth, we will be in
heaven learning from Jesus how we are going to re-build the earth when we go back.  Then we
will be well equipped and trained in God's ways and our rewards will be our new appointments
and responsibilities on earth when we return.   And so we will indeed
"reign with Christ".  I think
this is what Jesus meant in Matthew 5:5 when he said "the meek shall inherit the earth"

Won't that be awesome!   Finally life will be the way God intended it to be when He placed Adam
and Eve in the Garden of Eden.   One world, one nation under God, serving God.  The life that is
truly life.  Where peace, love, and joy abound.  I can't wait.  
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