The Greatest Story Ever Told About
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
The question has been asked "Why did God only provide redemption for man and not for the devil
and his fallen angels?"   This is a very valid question because knowing the nature of God, he is
totally fair toward everyone.  God sent Jesus to redeem mankind from his sins, but there is no
redemption for the devil mentioned in the bible.  Why not?   The devil was at one time God's right
hand man.   He was the greatest angel in heaven.  He was adorned with precious stones and
walked in the holy places with God.   God loved the devil.  Why then is there no redemption for
him?   Instead the Bible says that "hell was created for the devil and his angels".  So the devil's
fate is to spend eternity in the lake of fire, but mankind has a choice.  This doesn't seem fair.

I thought about this for many years, and heard many different opinions, and after much study and
prayer came to this conclusion.  The reason there is no redemption for the devil but there is for
mankind is because of the nature of the sin and the way each responded to their sin.  Lets look at
both sins and compare them.  Lucifer, who was God's right hand man in heaven, at one time ruled
the earth which was populated by some type of beings.  He conspired against God and led a
rebellion against God with an army consisting of some of the heavenly angels and these beings.  
He wanted to de-throne God and take over.  As he said
"I will establish my throne above the throne
of God".
  Of course that didn't happen.  He was cast out of heaven and God judged the inhabitants
of the earth who all perished, and became disembodied spirits.  They are now the demon spirits
that possess people because they don't have a body of their own.  The bible is silent on the origin
of demon spirits, but this is where I think they came from.  The devil and his crew established their
command post in the"mid heavens" and now enter heaven and earth from there.  

God then chose to re-populate the earth through Adam and Eve and gave them dominion over the
earth.  This of course made the devil furious and his first task was to win the earth back from
them.  He did this by deceiving Eve and getting her and Adam to disobey God.  By doing so, they
were now under his influence and control and man has been ever since.  Adam and Eve realized
that their life would never be the same, and God gave them their penalties for their disobedience.   
God drove them out of the Garden of Eden and guarded the way to the tree of life
"lest they eat of it
and live in their sins forever."
 Already God had a plan to redeem mankind because he didn't want
to leave them in that hopeless state.  God sent Jesus to die for mankind to pay for their sins, and to
win the earth back from the devil.  After Jesus' resurrection, he said "all authority in heaven and
earth has now been given to me".  The devil realized he lost, and that's why he has been
persecuting those who love Jesus and manipulating the rest of mankind and turning them against
God ever since.

If we compare these two stories, we see that man's sin was simply a sin of disobedience, but the
devil's sin was much more serious.  Let me try to show an example of this.  Suppose there is a
family business in which a father works with his  sons.  One day one of the sons does what he is
not supposed to do.  He disobeys his father.  What does the father do?  Does he punish him and
throw him out of the business?  No, he sits down with him and they have a talk.  They discuss the
issue and once they have resolved it, and the son sees that this was wrong, he apologizes, and the
father forgives him and they go on as if it never happened.   The other son however has a different
idea.  He decides that this is enough of working for dad and wants to"take over".  He gathers up
some of his friends and comes into the business one day with the intention of driving out his father
and brothers and taking over the business.  Of course all the employees run to the father's aid and
overpower the son and his friends.  The father kicks his son out of the business.  At that point the
father realizes that he can never trust his son again.   How could he.  His son had  turned against
him.   He didn't just disobey, he actually wanted to drive his father out and take over the business.  
Unbelievable.  How could he do that?

The father is very grieved by this and tries to reach out to his delinquent son but the son wants
nothing to do with his father anymore.  Instead, he carries on his evil ways, causing trouble for his
father's employees, spreading rumors against his father, telling lies to their competitors, and so
on.  The father is hurt by all this because he still loves his son and wishes that he would come to
his senses.  But he cannot repair the damage because the son is not willing to repent and say he is
sorry.   And even if the did, could they ever restore their relationship to what it once was?  Could
he ever trust him again?  Instead, the son keeps doing evil things against his father, his brother,
their business, and everyone else.  His father realizes that his son is lost forever unless he
changes his ways which seems very unlikely.  So he excludes his wayward son from his
inheritance in the family business.   He prays that some day his son will see the error of his ways
and repent.

Here is a summary of how this compares to the devil and God story.  Lucifer was God's right hand
man in charge of ruling the earth.  One day he decided to "take over".  So he convinced some of
God's angels to hook up with him and the inhabitants of the earth and he led a rebellion against
God with the intention of driving God out and taking over.  But he lost the battle and was thrown
out.  God then created Adam and Eve and gave them dominion over the earth.  The devil tricked
them and won dominion of the earth back.  Jesus won the earth back from him by dying on the
cross.   Jesus will one day come back to reign and rule this earth with his saints.  The devil will be
cast into a bottomless pit for 1,000 years after which he will be released and lead another rebellion
against God.  He will then be cast into the lake of fire.

This is similar to our father and sons business story, but there's more to it than that.  The reason I
believe there is no provision for the devil's redemption but just for man's is because the devil has
no intention of repenting.  This is obvious because even after being chained in a bottomless pit for
1,000 years he still leads another rebellion against God.   And God could not let him into heaven in
his current condition so there is no point in making a way for the devil to be redeemed if he has no
intention of changing his ways.  Mankind is just a pawn in this story because the real battle is
between God and the devil.  By creating Adam and Eve and giving them authority over the earth,
God knew that the devil would look for a way to turn them against God, that's why God told them
not to eat of one tree in the garden.  He knew the devil would use that to his advantage.  By doing
so, God set up a scenario that would show the angels of heaven the consequences of sin which
would be experienced by those angels that followed the devil.  The angels had never experienced
sin before.  They had never even seen it in action.  They were obedient to God they had never
disobeyed God and had no idea of the consequences of doing so.  By observing the actions and
fate of their fallen comrades, they could see that they made the right decision by sticking with
God.  They could see that the devil and his angels and a lot of mankind were going from bad to
worse and that their lives were dramatically altered by sin.   This reinforced their decision to never
entertain that temptation.  Their fallen comrades who were experiencing the consequences of sin
had the opportunity to turn away from their sinful ways and choose to do good, but they didn't do

For as God said when Adam and Eve sinned "man has now become like one of us, knowing good
and evil."   Now mankind had to learn to make the same choice.  To chose good instead of evil.  
Man now had the opportunity to experience both.  Up till then, he only knew good.  As Christians,
we too know good and evil, but we choose to do good.   Adam and Eve did repent immediately
after sinning.  They were sorry they sinned so God provided a way for them to be forgiven.    The
bible says
"without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness".   God killed the first animal and
made skin coverings for Adam and Eve when they sinned.  The shedding of blood for forgiveness.  
He didn't do that for the devil though because he was not yet ready to repent.  And the devil had no
remorse.  Adam and Eve did.   They immediately knew they had done wrong and tried to hide from
God.  They already had a repentant heart.

So this was a lesson for all to learn.  By observing these events both the angels and man could see
and experience the effects of sin.  They could choose which they wanted in their life.  God
provided a way for man to be forgiven, but not for the devil and his angels because they had no

However, there is more to this story.  I personally believe that the story does not end here
because God is much smarter and much more compassionate than that.    The devil and his angels
indeed will be cast into the lake of fire for ever and ever, but the term "for ever" could also be
translated into "for ages and ages".  In other words, it may take the devil and his angels that long
to finally repent.  They are very hard core now, but time has a way of softening even the most
hardened criminal.  And maybe that is what it will take for the devil to finally realize that God was
right and he was wrong.  In heaven, "all truth will be laid bare" so we will all know what is in each
other's heart and mind.  Not like here on earth where we still have secret thoughts.  That won't
happen in heaven.  So when the devil is ready to repent, everyone will know that it is indeed
authentic.  Then God will forgive him and restore him, and all of heaven will rejoice for eternity.   
Just like when one sinner repents now, regardless of how "bad" he was.    Then the story will be
finished.   At least that chapter will......
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